Ask and You Shall Receive

And sometimes, even if you don’t ask at all. Perhaps, this is how life really works. When you need something, the universe understands and the stars conspire to give just what you need. I can so relate to this because I just received a good news yesterday morning. It was something I didn’t expect but something I really needed.

I noticed that in my life, whenever I’d ask for something from God, even if it’s just a whisper and only me could hear it, God listens and grants my request. That’s why even if I’m a self-confessed pessimistic person, I still get to the proverbial silver lining in the end. Funny, but true.

The good news I’m talking about came in the form of cash. Yes, I’m getting some cash soon which I badly need at present. (A home improvement project that went beyond my calculation is eating up my budget these days…dammit!) No, I didn’t apply for a loan, I just found out I’m entitled to receive some money.

You know, I’m just amazed at the thought that problems always get to have solutions, especially money problems. You really don’t need to worry about it very much, though a lot of people can’t help but do just that. Money will come, it always does especially when you ask. Now that rhymes. Haha.

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  1. I thought you were talking about something else. God always grants what you wish for simply because YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON, Superf. Cheers!

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