My Growing Movies-to-Watch List

Since I got my previous Nokia E63 phone sometime in 2008, I’ve been keeping a list of movies that I would like to watch when I get to have some free time. Over the years, however, “free time” has been quite elusive to me and priorities got in the way. I got my hands full with stuff that required my immediate attention. Thus, my movies-to-watch list has been continuously growing ever since.

If you’re curious enough, here are some of the movies included in my list (just don’t ask WHY because I have my reasons, mostly personal, for wanting to watch them):

Underworld: Awakening
The Road
Knights Contract
Battle Royale
The Sword of Doom
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Devil Inside
The Legend of Zu
The Last Emperor
Grosse Point Blank
Post Grad
Something Borrowed
Stake Land
Mirror Mask
I am Love

Have you watched any in the list? Did you like it?

Hay, so many movies to watch, so little time. 🙂

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