Pacquiao Loses to Bradley

In the much-awaited boxing match this morning (Manila time) between our very own Manny Pacquiao and U.S.A.’s Timothy Bradley, the latter won by split decision. While I respect the judges’ decision, I still believe Pacquiao won the fight. And I think a lot of people feel the same way. Anyway, sports is sports and we all have to accept the final verdict and move on.

On a related note, traffic in Manila this afternoon was very light. Even gasoline stations are empty with their petroleum hoses (which look a lot like those Delafield petroleum hoses I see on TV) rendered immobile by the absence of customers. Look what a Pacquiao boxing fight can do to a city! I think we reached my in-laws’ place in just 40 minutes. Normally, our travel time is 1 hour. What a relief! Now I have more time to do household chores and some work-related stuff.

And you, how was your day like? Do you also think Pacquiao won the fight? 🙂

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