Weekend Story: Crazy Busy Long Weekend

I didn’t expect that last weekend would be a crazy busy long one. Of course, I looked forward to the holiday which gave me an extra day to enjoy. But the summer heat was unforgiving and the hubby and I were out almost the entire long weekend doing things for ourselves, our family, and our friends. It was a hectic schedule but thank God we managed to do everything and still had fun in the process.

mother-daughter OOTD

On Friday, the hubby and I, along with Mame, attended the christening of my newest godchild baby Yñigo Paulo, the son of my first cousin Mark. It was held at 11AM at the peaceful St. Arnold Janssen Shrine in Taytay, Rizal. Reception followed at Tender Joe’s Rancho Grill located beside a gas station along the highway, just a few blocks from the shrine.

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Pacquiao Loses to Bradley

In the much-awaited boxing match this morning (Manila time) between our very own Manny Pacquiao and U.S.A.’s Timothy Bradley, the latter won by split decision. While I respect the judges’ decision, I still believe Pacquiao won the fight. And I think a lot of people feel the same way. Anyway, sports is sports and we all have to accept the final verdict and move on.

On a related note, traffic in Manila this afternoon was very light. Even gasoline stations are empty with their petroleum hoses (which look a lot like those Delafield petroleum hoses I see on TV) rendered immobile by the absence of customers. Look what a Pacquiao boxing fight can do to a city! I think we reached my in-laws’ place in just 40 minutes. Normally, our travel time is 1 hour. What a relief! Now I have more time to do household chores and some work-related stuff.

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Pacquiao Vs. Bradley Boxing Match

This Sunday is going to be special. At least for my hubby who’s been supporting Pacquiao’s every boxing match since time immemorial (kidding!). He subscribed to paper view for the Pacquiao-Bradley boxing match so I’m expecting some loud noise in our Bacoor home come Sunday morning. My FIL will be with us so two men shouting on TV would be quite something.

But no, I’m not complaining. It’s all fun. Even I watch Pacquiao matches though I don’t get too engrossed over it. I still think it’s a guy thing to be hooked on boxing. Haha. If I get bored watching, maybe I’ll just surf the net and try looking for new business ideas (I want some extra income!). Perhaps, I could start by browsing through business must-haves, something like a vonage business phone service or a faster internet connection (than what we have at present).

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