Weekend Story: Crazy Busy Long Weekend

I didn’t expect that last weekend would be a crazy busy long one. Of course, I looked forward to the holiday which gave me an extra day to enjoy. But the summer heat was unforgiving and the hubby and I were out almost the entire long weekend doing things for ourselves, our family, and our friends. It was a hectic schedule but thank God we managed to do everything and still had fun in the process.

mother-daughter OOTD

On Friday, the hubby and I, along with Mame, attended the christening of my newest godchild baby Yñigo Paulo, the son of my first cousin Mark. It was held at 11AM at the peaceful St. Arnold Janssen Shrine in Taytay, Rizal. Reception followed at Tender Joe’s Rancho Grill located beside a gas station along the highway, just a few blocks from the shrine.

welcome to the Christian world, baby Yñigo!

with the hubby

From the baptismal event, we just dropped off Mame at their place and prepared to go home in Bacoor. On our way there, we stopped over at some gadget shop along Taft Avenue where the hubby bought a Mi Band. My techie hubby couldn’t wait for the Apple Watch to arrive here in Manila and so he decided to lay his hands first on something quite similar in function.

his arm and the new toy

Basically, Mi Band does a few things like tracking your steps and sleep and notifying you of incoming calls and texts. The Apple Watch, on the other hand, is capable of those things and a lot more.

Our Saturday morning was spent at the comforts of our home doing household chores. I got busy with hand washing our office clothes while the hubby cleaned up the house and the car. I also did some simple things that made me very happy like…

1. Turning two cute drink bottles into lovely flower vases




aren’t they dainty?

2. Cooking this fish dish which I called “Baked Lapu-Lapu, La Cocina De Tita Moning Style”

I daresay this was a winning dish! nakatsamba na naman si Edel!

3. Finishing reading two books in one weekend (a big achievement for me!)

We took a nap in the afternoon and suddenly decided to hear the anticipated mass at this church in Alabang beside ATC. Instead of eating at home, I skipped cooking that night and just treated the hubby to dinner at the mall’s food court.

From ATC, we headed to Evia because the hubby (not me!) had long been itching to try Cold Stone Creamery. We were already in the car and driving our way out of the parking area when we passed by a Cold Stone store just a few steps away. Had we known earlier, we would have gone there instead of the one in Evia. Sabi ko nga eh, dapat nagtanong muna kami sa concierge o kaya sa guard. Haha.

Speaking of Evia, I noticed that it looked better than ever. The construction of the other building has already been finished so there are now more shops and restaurants in operation. I particularly like how it looks at night, very posh and festive at the same time. During our visit, which was already quite late at past 10PM, people were still all over the place strolling around, dining or doing some last-minute shopping.


I dunno with you but I found the ice cream at Cold Stone overpriced. (P198 for a medium-sized cup?) It’s quite good (wonderfully sweet and creamy!) but I think I can get the same quality from the ice cream sold at S&R (brand is Blue Bunny if I remember it correctly). Just saying.

As we all know, last Sunday was Pacman Day. I’m guessing the entire Filipino nation from the world over watched the much-anticipated Pacquiao-Mayweather boxing fight. It was a loss for our boxing champ in the end but he made us all proud. He did his best and showed to the world just how tough the Filipino spirit is. He came out of that historic ring in MGM Arena not just richer and more famous, but he also earned the respect of the world. And that’s what’s more important.


Go, Manny!

The hubby and I watched the boxing match at Canon Philippines’ special screening in Blue Leaf Filipinas, Pasay City. He got some passes there and tagged me along. We joined the big crowd there in cheering for Pacquiao and booing Mayweather. Haha. There was free lunch buffet for all the guests.


And since we were already in the area, we decided to check out City of Dreams. What a grand entertainment complex it was! We went inside the casino (but didn’t play!), walked passed the shops, checked out Dream Play from the outside and took a peek of the infinity pool and pocket gardens.

my souvenir pic

and his


couldn’t resist having my photo taken with this grand floral display!

It was a quick stop which left us awed and delighted. Next time, we’ll eat in one of the restos just to check the quality of the food there.

I think we got to my in-laws’ place at past 3PM already. After an hour, my sister Jodie called me up asking for a favor. Before I knew it, I was already in the car with her and the hubby headed to Robinsons Magnolia. She applied for a Smart postpaid plan under my name and got approved. The handset was iPhone 6. She was supposed to get a postpaid plan in November but her old phone suddenly decided to die on her last Friday, hence, the unexpected trip to Smart Business Center on a Sunday night. She treated us to dinner after as a gesture of thanks. Haha.

one happy girl!

I thought our long day would end there but it seemed there was something more in store for us. My MIL called up my husband and requested us to accompany her and my SIL to the hospital. My SIL was having a hard time breathing. We just dropped off my sister at their place and picked the two up and drove to St. Luke’s QC immediately.


It turned out she had some lower respiratory tract infection and was prescribed some meds by the attending physician at the emergency room. My SIL said they nebulized her so she could breathe easily and did some lab tests on her whose results took some time to arrive. Would you believe we got to the hospital at past 10PM of Sunday and left the premises at past 3AM the next day? Puyatan galore!

But still, we were thankful because my SIL felt much better after being treated at the hospital.

It’s Monday today and I lacked sleep so pardon my disorganized thinking and the more than the usual number of photos. Thank you, Lord, for a bright new week! Woohoo! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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19 Replies to “Weekend Story: Crazy Busy Long Weekend”

  1. Nakakatuwa talaga ang mga weekend post po ms edel, full of activities lagi,
    ……….and ang sexy mo dyan sa dress mo ms edel 🙂
    Plus, I like those drink bottles turned into flower vases at mukhang ang sarap ng baked lapu lapu 🙂

    1. Haha, so far eto ang pinakanangarag ako na weekend. Pagod much pero okay lang masaya pa rin naman. Uy, thanks sa compliment Grace. Galing ng dress na yan naitago ang mga bilbil ko! Cute diba ng vases shabby chic lang ang peg haha, pampaganda rin ng house. Natuwa si mister sa lapu-lapu, sa sobrang tuwa muntik maubos ang supply namin ng bigas. 😉

  2. You had a busy weekend. How’s your SIL doing? I hope she’s recovering well. Ano ba kasi english ng lapu-lapu? I want to do that baked one you just made. It looks really good.

    1. She’s still coughing but she’s quite okay now. Lapu-lapu is grouper, I think. Go, sarap yan. Thanks, Kayni! 🙂

  3. I agree that Cold Stone is a bit overpriced. Sa almost PHP600 na ice cream ng S&R, kasya na sa buong pamilya. I think what you’re paying in Cold Stone is the experience. Hinahagis hagis kasi nila ‘yung ice cream, so may entertainment value. Haha! :p Mas nagustuhan ko ang Baskin-Robbins over Cold Stone. 🙂

    1. Korek, parang Starbucks rin, you pay for the experience. Hindi ko pa na-try ang Baskin-Robbins, one weekend nga try ko yun. Thanks, sis! 🙂

  4. Sexy! Nakakainis ka hahahahahaha Bet ko ang outfitey 🙂

    Ang shala ng pinanoodan mo ng fight of the century. Ako sa barangay payperview lang hahaha

    I share the same opinion with Coldstone #kuripotSorry haha
    at medyo nainggit ako sa iPhone6 haha

    PS Natuloy kayo sa marikina? 🙂

    1. Haha, salamat, ang totoo, magaling lang magtago ng bilbil ang dress na yan. Invited lang si hubby, nagpa-plus one ako buti pumayag ang organizer. Waaaaah, hindi kami natuloy sa Marikina, nagback out mga kasama namin…. 🙁

    1. Pagod much pero masaya pa rin naman, haha. Thank you, sis! Paminsan minsan lang magdress-up kaya medyo inaayos ko na. Haha. Alam mo isa sa pinakagusto kong basahin sa site mo ay yung mga fashionista posts mo, ngayon si FabSkye na ang puma-fasyon! 🙂

  5. Wow, tiring nga edel.. ang daming nangyari! Hehehe.. I have never been to city of dreams. Gusto ko nga sana sa Dream play for Jami kaya lang, I was thinking na baka bagets pa masyado at hindi naman maappreciate ng bongga yung mga activities. Maybe next time mag try ako. =)

    1. Haha, oo ngarag levels talaga. Tama, pag malaki-laki na si baby James kasi I heard interactive sya at maraming sights. 🙂

  6. I love that DIY Bottle Vase! I have a different bottle that I bought from Family Mart, mas malaki lang ung opening nya and I actually kept it and thinking for something to use it for. I like the idea of vase but you know I have two boys so erase erase na ung idea na un at baka ibato pa nila. He He He Maybe you can add washi tapes around it for more designs.

    And that baked Lapu Lapu looks yummy! I am excited to buy my own convection oven pero sa December pa para may 13th month pay.


    1. Thank you, sis! Korek, basag ang bote. Hehe. Hmmmm pwede, pag makabili ako ng washi tape. Excited na rin ako sis sa bago mong oven sa December. Hihi. 🙂

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