Saving Up for the Rainy Days

Here in Manila, the days are getting literally rainy. Just this morning, a heavy downpour awoken me from my deep slumber. It’s not the best way to welcome a new day, but sometimes you really can’t help it. But I digress.

Saving up for the rainy days is such a very sound advice. You really can’t tell when emergencies would happen and you need to bring out cash to cover for something. As much as we want to save up for the coming of our baby, the hubby and I can only do so much. It’s a good thing we still have two more months to prepare financially for the arrival of our baby.

During our last appointment with the Ob-Gyne, we already asked how much we might need to pay for hospital bills come d-day. The two price points she mentioned (for normal delivery and for c-section delivery, respectively) were within the normal range but still, they’re not something that you could pay for with a month’s worth of salary.

Right now, all the hubby and I can do is to tighten our belts more. No more eating out and shopping for unnecessary stuff until the baby has been born and all related expenses have been settled. 🙂

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