Life after Surgery

Having undergone a major abdominal surgery is no easy feat. I really admire those who have recovered from it (or any other major surgery for that matter) without getting a little depressed or something.

Your body after a surgery is way different from the old body one used to have. Speaking from experience, I feel like my physical movements are now limited and the activities I can do seems numbered as well.

Life after a surgery is bound to see a lot of changes. I just know it does. But life, no matter what it goes through, has to go on. With or without surgery, one has to continue living and having a positive attitude. I guess it’s all just a matter of choice and no amount of cigars bundles can persuade one to think otherwise. (Ooops, sorry, that was totally unrelated.) My point is, whatever happens in one’s life, one has to learn to accept his fate and try to move on. 🙂

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