Divisoria Shopping

My Christmas shopping isn’t complete without the requisite trip to Divisoria to do some, well, shopping of course. Yesterday morning, my mom and I trooped to the so-called “bargain shopping mecca.” The roads leading to the place was in heavy traffic. The usual 10-minute ride lasted almost an hour, can you believe?

When we got to Divisoria, the roads to the malls there were filled with goods and people (yes, there were lots of goods scattered on the road sold by street vendors). It was hard to shop inside the two malls we visited (168 and 999) but the finds were worth the money and energy we spent. We found some great deals and went home very happy and satisfied.

Would I still go back to Divisoria this week for another shopping trip? Actually, it’s very tempting. But my answer is maybe yes or maybe no, it would depend on my Christmas budget’s scarcity or abundance. I wish for the latter. Haha. 🙂

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