Holy Week Plans

The holy week has arrived. It’s holy Tuesday today and my mind has been wandering around to some faraway place. I want the work days to end already (but it won’t until tomorrow) so I could enjoy the remaining days of the week. At home.

No, we don’t have holy week plans aside from our Visita Iglesia tradition. This time, however, we’re visiting the churches in Cavite instead of the usual ones in Manila. My superfriend Nice who’s a certified Caviteña has already showed me the way. She and her family did their Visita Iglesia tradition through Cavite-based churches last year. She gave me a list of churches to visit complete with a guided route so I’d know which church to visit first and so on and so forth. Cool.

Hopefully, our Holy Week next year will be different. The hubby and I want to take our families to a beach resort in Batangas or a private resort in Laguna for some R&R. We haven’t done this before so I’m sure it will be very exciting and fun.

Now, excuse me as I attend to my close cousin’s request to find her an online business card designer because she seriously needs some decent business cards to give out to potential clients. She sells insurance, that’s why. 🙂

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