Palm Sunday

Yesterday was Palm Sunday or the start of the Holy Week. As we had expected, the neighborhood parish where we heard the morning mass was filled to the brim with people waving palaspas (decorated palm fronds). One look and you could tell they’re all there for two things: to reaffirm their faith in Jesus and have their palaspas blessed by the priest so they could hang it on their doors when they get home.

our palaspas, only P20 each

Traffic was bad on our way to the church. The hubby and I mutually decided that I go ahead so I could buy some palaspas and have them blessed (usually the blessing is done prior to the mass). And that’s what I did. He, on the other hand, stayed in the car driving. We just met inside the church. The mass finished on time despite the large crowd and the intense heat.

church-goers waving their palaspas

On our way home, we still were able to buy fresh produce from the little market sitting just outside the church. It was such a challenging day for us but we didn’t mind. What was more important was that we were able to find time off our busy schedule to fulfill our religious obligations. We may not be devout Catholics but we exert extra efforts when needed. 🙂

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