The Glasses-Wearing Couple

I never thought there would come a time that I would need to wear glasses. I’ve always believed that I inherited my grandfather’s sharp eyes. He wore prescription glasses only when he reached 60+ and that was mainly due to ageing. Amazing, isn’t it? In this age of advanced technology where we get exposed to all sorts of chemicals and radiations everyday, our eyes aren’t spared from harm and eventually become vulnerable to damage.

yours truly trying to get the hang of it

The hubby and I still have 20/20 vision (I have sharp eyes, after all!) but we’ve recently found out we have a mild astigmatism to monitor. Astigmatism is a common condition of the eye that causes blurred or distorted vision. I have it on both eyes while he has it on the right eye only. This meant we needed to wear glasses already. And so we did, just over a week ago. The optometrist said we didn’t have to wear glasses all day but only when our eyes are working hard like when we are in front of the PC, reading books and watching TV.

the hubby with his new glasses

A pair of glasses can be costly pala. The frame can go anywhere from P2,000 to as high as P8,000 depending on the brand while the lenses are priced from P1,000 to 2,600. We got our glasses from two different optical shops just so we could compare prices: Sarabia Optical and Ideal Vision Center. The latter has more affordable frames and lenses and my glasses came from them because between the hubby and I, I’m the stingier. Haha.

Also, you have to get checked by the optometrist every 6 months to know if you’re condition got worse or not. But eye care is very important because our eyes are one of the most used (and abused) parts of our body, so keri na lang. 🙂

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  1. I think Mac is due for a pair too, he complains his eyes blinks a lot now, parang pasma na. I’m still trying to convince him mag pachek, sabi ko kahit in-front of the PC lang siya mag-glasses(like I do.hehe)

    1. Oo tama mag-glasses na din sya para safe at protektado eyes nya. Prevention is always better than cure. Hehe. 🙂

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