Small Goals

Last night before going to bed, I realized that goals don’t have to be big for me to work on achieving them. I could always start with small goals. For instance, instead of losing 10 lbs. a month, I could work to lose 2 lbs. in one weekend. See what I mean?

I also noticed that my big goals are too many to count. I think it would be best to limit them to say, 5 per year? I dunno yet, but I’m sure it can be done. My life is already complicated, what with the many things I want to do with limited time and resources. What more if I’m worrying about several big goals that are hard to achieve at the same time? See my point?

So yeah, I’m taking it slow but sure. I’m gonna change my approach and hopefully, it will work just fine. The quest to have a better version of myself continues.

4 Replies to “Small Goals”

  1. I have so many big goals too. Go back to school, travel more, save up for owning a farm, yada yada! I don’t think I can complete all of these in just a matter of months! Maybe 5 years? 10 years? But that’s too long term for me. I guess I have no patience.

    1. I used to have no patience, too, but I realized patience is very important. I know I can’t have everything I want in one day, so I now focus on small goals and when I think I’m ready, I’ll take on the big goals na. 🙂

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