Positive Vibes

People need positive vibes. From the moment I wake up, I smile and thank God for the gift of life. I try to think of happy thoughts and feel positive. When I do that, my day becomes better. As in, always better.

But there are times when I get depressed and anxious about things. Days when I feel like my life is a mess and things are not turning into what I expect them to be. That’s when positive vibes disappear and are replaced by negative energies.

I’m just thankful that my nega moments are temporary. That I am able to get back to being grateful and positive in a snap. Perhaps, it’s because when I think about my problems, I get reminded of other people’s problems, too. When I start to compare myself with them, I’d realize my burdens are much lighter and I’m more blessed. So, why complain?

I guess getting depressed and anxious occasionally is normal. Just make sure you know how to bounce back to your happy self. I mean, even those people who have it all still get lonely sometimes, right? Just like the lines I heard from the female character of a TV show I watch regularly, we always have spaces in our life that need to filled, wants that need to be met and dreams that need to be achieved. It’s just a matter of living life (and all its complexities) one day at a time.

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