Tipid Mode

Weekends are a great opportunity to slow down. To do simple things that make you and your loved ones happy. To just sit back and relax. To unwind and take everything lightly. To rest while we still can. Because before we know it, work is staring us in the eye again.

Weekends are also a time when we get to spend more money than usual. Like when going to the mall to dine out, watch a movie or simply to shop. This long weekend is no different for my husband and me. We’re staying home and do not have any agenda to go out of town. We’re on tipid mode, after all. (In English, tipid means to observe prudence in spending or to tighten one’s belt.)

But being on tipid mode doesn’t mean we’re not going to the mall because we already went to one yesterday. Haha. But no, we didn’t overspend. We just bought some supplies and dined out. Everything was in budget and I made sure to stick to it. Good thing my husband is one with me in reducing our spending. Remember, our long-term goal is to be debt-free. At the rate things are going, I think we’re getting there. 🙂

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