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The Happy Plus Card is an electronic card used for payment in four quick service restaurants here in Manila which are owned by a single company, Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC). It was launched in the first quarter of 2012 and is powered by BPI. As I understand it, it’s JFC’s way of offering a cashless payment service to their loyal customers. This also comes with rewards which serve as a good attraction for more people to get and use the said card.

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It’s pretty easy to get a Happy Plus Card. You go to either a Jollibee, Chow King, Greenwich or Red Ribbon store and pay P100 for it. The card is good for three years and is renewable for the same price. Now that you have the card, the next step is to buy load from the cashier with the minimum amount at P100 and the maximum, P10,000. With your card now loaded with credits, use your card by ordering food from the cashier and tapping the card on the electronic machine to pay.

Here are the three benefits of using a Happy Plus Card:

1. For every P50 food purchase, the card holder earns 1 point which is equivalent to 1 peso.
2. Register your card on the Happy Plus website ( and you could get access to your card’s transactions and balance. You could even have a chance to win the monthly raffle where they give away up to P100,000 in cash, so long as you reload your card regularly. You earn a raffle entry for every P100 load.
3. Fast and cashless payment every time you dine in any of the four establishments. This will soon be five with the upcoming addition of Mang Inasal, another quick service restaurant under the same corporation.

My first use of the Happy Plus Card was at Greenwich-SM Bacoor last Saturday with P288 worth of food and drinks. It was a lunch with the hubby.

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When I bought my card for P100 the day before at Jollibee-Save More Nagtahan and put P500 as its initial load credits, it came complete with a P250 worth of coupons (Jollibee-P50 off, Greenwich-P50 off, Chow King-P50 off and Red Ribbon-P100 off). For the coupons alone, I thought my purchase of the card was sulit (well worth the price)! I actually used the Greenwich coupon when we dined at Greenwich-SM Bacoor and they accepted it without question. You are to tell the cashier that you are using a coupon for your food purchase so they won’t overcharge you. I was sure that the price I paid was correct because everything was written on the receipt, including my Happy Plus remaining balance and earned points.

So far, I don’t see any drawbacks in this electronic payment system introduced by Jollibee Foods Corporation. The card is easy to use and gives some sort of convenience and a sense of privilege to customers like me. Now, I can go out and eat at the four aforesaid restaurants without having to bring cash. I can even treat my family and friends, so long as my load credits will suffice. Though I have heard some problems encountered by customers, like when the electronic machines get offline and the card cannot be used or that some stores don’t have electronic machines yet, I think they can be resolved easily.

What I really like about the Happy Plus Card is that I get to keep something from what I spend. It’s actually better than the SM Advantage Card when it comes to their point system. The former gives you 1 point/1 peso for every P50 spent while the latter gives you 1 point/1 peso for every P200 spent, sometimes even less.

But then again, this is all about making steady profit by ensuring repeat visits of customers. It’s JFC’s way of making sure we patronize their products which would translate to their longevity in the business. On the bright side, the good thing about this partnership is that if before, we don’t get anything from what we spend on food, now we do. This is especially beneficial for people who eat at their restaurants on a regular or semi-regular basis.

Do you also have a Happy Plus Card? How’s your experience with it? 🙂

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