Review: Starbucks Card

During one of our Saturday night-outs last weekend, the hubby got himself a Starbucks Card. It’s actually free because the P300 he paid for it is consumable. You earn a star every time you purchase a handcrafted beverage from any of Starbucks’ 210 stores in the Philippines. Cool, ayt?


You get a Grande (midsize) drink from Starbucks for free for every 12 stars earned. And by registering your card online (thru the Starbucks website), you instantly get a free Grande drink. As an added benefit, you also get a special treat on your birthday! Last time I heard, it’s a slice of cake. Sweet!

What I like about this card is that it has no expiry. Well, technically. The FAQ section says it will only expire three years after the last transaction made which means, as long as you use it regularly or even occasionally, it remains functional.

Just like the Happy Plus Card which I bought last month, I think this Starbucks Card is a wise buy considering the fact that Saturday is fast-becoming a Starbucks day (or should it be night because we go to our fave Starbucks store night time?) for the hubby and me. And since spending for food and drinks has already been a regular thing for human beings like us, especially when we want to go out and unwind, we might as well benefit from it through little perks like this one from Starbucks. 🙂

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