Videoke is so Pinoy

Filipinos, in general, love to sing. We sing when we’re happy, we sing when we’re sad. We sing if we have a nice voice, we sing even if we’re out-of-tune. We just love to sing for our family and friends. Sometimes, we sing just to hear our voice singing. Haha.

Videoke is a favorite pastime of many Pinoys. In fact, videoke sessions make for a great bonding activity especially when there are food and alcoholic drinks involved. If before, videoke singing could only be done in videoke bars, now it can be done almost anywhere as long as there is a monitor, a microphone and a couple of music CDs/DVDs.

Videoke-ing at the comfort of your own home is the coolest thing ever. Just turn on your TV, play some music videos on it and get one of those cheap TC Helicon Microphones at musician’s friend (if you don’t have a microphone yet) and start singing to your heart’s delight. We’ve done this before and we still do when there’s a special occasion to celebrate or just whenever we feel like it. If you haven’t experienced the wonder of videoke yet, I suggest you give it a try. I’m telling you it’s super fun! 🙂

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