Barangay Elections 2013

The barangay elections in our side of town have ended peacefully today. I’m glad to have had the chance to vote with my two siblings. It was my second time. We arrived at our designated poll precincts a little past 1pm. I heard voting would officially close at 3pm and it did.

By the time we went home, I immediately turned on the TV and got glued on the news. There were still some voting issues and concerns that cropped up (as usual), unfortunately. I’m not sure but I think I heard there were some unsecured ballot boxes reported somewhere in QC. The election officials should really consider using some Military Foot Locker to secure the people’s votes. Haha. Seriously, I can only hope things will get better in the future.

When I got sleepy, I left the living room and headed to our bedroom to get some sleep. I still have work to do tonight and I need some rest.

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