Bargain Finds from Uniwide Coastal Mall

I once heard Uniwide Coastal Mall is closing shop, but it seems it’s just a rumor because it remains operational up to this day. Anyway, the hubby and I finally got the chance to go there last Monday afternoon and we were lucky to find some really nice items for our home.


I don’t remember the exact price of each item anymore but it goes anywhere from P25 to P79. Nothing above P100, promise. Super cheap, right? My most favorite items from the batch are the decorative letter E and the girl in white figurine. Here’s how I arranged them in our tiny living room along with the decorative plate of a snowman that shouts happily of Christmas:


The place is filled with stuff of all kinds, I tell you. I even got a little dizzy looking around. The hubby and I roamed around separately so we could peruse through more items. I was looking for a cake stand and some tea set but they don’t have cake stands there (or I just didn’t look hard) and the tea seats they have I didn’t like the design (French tea sets were my peg). The hubby, on the other hand, wanted to get some Christmas décors and ended up getting just one (the decorative plate). He found the Christmas trees on sale a little worn-out already. I guess we’ll just buy from SM or something.

It was still fun shopping at Uniwide. It may be dusty and humid (no air-cons), but if you wanna get full value for your money, then this is the place. I plan to go to Uniwide Sucat next time. I heard it’s nicer there.

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    1. Hi, Leah! Yes, that figurine is so lovely. Please keep blogging about the finer things in life as it makes me (and a lot of people as well) inspired! 🙂

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