Restful Weekend

For the hubby and I, every weekend is different. Sometimes it’s quiet, sometimes it’s fun. Sometimes it’s tiring, sometimes it’s restful. Sometimes it’s dull, sometimes it’s playful. Sometimes it’s a combination of any two or all.

One factor that affects how our weekends turn out is the people we get to spend them with. The activities we do during weekends are almost the same, but it’s the people we do these activities with that make them more special and memorable.

While I welcome the presence of company at home during weekends, I try to make it occasional so the hubby and I get to have more couple time. You know, we’re still a new married couple and we deserve to have as much time for ourselves as possible. Yes, while we still don’t have kids to take our time and attention away.

Last weekend was restful. I made some good cooking and the hubby did his usual chores. I also did some blogging and even got to read some reviews on epiphone riviera at m123 while waiting for the graham balls (which I made Saturday morning) to chill in the ref. Did you know that the warm, clear tone of this electric guitar makes it very suitable to making jazz, blues or country music? But I digress.

Anyway, we were asleep most of the days and we really did have a lot of rest. But we welcomed it with open arms because it’s not every day that we get to take a lot of rest in a day. And I’m sure not all weekends could be like that.

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