Job Leads

My sister Jodie is graduating from college in a few months. While she works part time and already earns her own money, my two other siblings and I still help her occasionally when school expenses pile up.

Just the other day, she was telling me about how the restaurant where she works part-time allows her to meet potential employers. Like one time, she said a guest who’s a manager from the Bangko Sentral adviced her to apply for a job there as soon as she receives her diploma. She’s taking up Banking and Finance, that’s why.

Another time, she said there’s this guest who’s a director or something who wanted for her to apply as a production assistant in the theater company where he works at. That’s because she told him she loves music and wants to learn to play the violin someday. They eventually talked about popular violinists and even where to find the best violin wall hanger. Haha.

Job leads are important, I told her. She could land one of those jobs soon! She better keep all the calling cards these people give her for future references. A future job seeker like her should always be on the lookout for these job leads that will gonna be her keys to the real thing. 🙂

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