Year of the Pig Forecast for 2014

I was born in the year of the pig. I don’t know much about this and I don’t care much, either. Last Sunday, however, I got hold of a copy of the Star Week (the Sunday mag of the Philippine Star broadsheet) featuring the individual forecasts for the different animal signs under the Chinese zodiac.


While I don’t generally believe in predictions or astrologers for that matter, I thought reading what’s in store for me this year wouldn’t hurt. So I read it and found out some good “possibilities” and “realities” that may apply to me.

Of all the things I read from there, I felt this one was so true about me: “You may have no strong ambitions but you’re hardworking and is generally successful.” Yes, I’m the kind who’s not a big dreamer but I usually survive and win over life’s challenges.

Right now, I’m trying to live a simple life (it’s more of a mantra, actually). But then, we can never tell. I could change tomorrow or stay this way forever. And I think no astrologer can accurately guess that. 🙂

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