A Packed Weekend

As much as I prefer to spend my weekends at home just cooking, baking, organizing, sleeping or doing other fun stuff, there are times when I have to go with the flow of activities my husband or his family has in mind. Like last weekend, for instance. My PILs both took a weekend-off and they decided to join us in Bacoor for the weekend. My SIL (one and only sibling of my husband) tagged along, too. It was two straight days of going out and doing things that families commonly do.

my PILs at the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Shrine

On Saturday, we traveled all the way to Antipolo to visit the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Shrine. It’s been a tradition for my PILs to go there before a scheduled trip to their province (they’re flying to Bohol on May 12 for their annual month-long vacay). After attending the morning mass, the brunch at McDo and the buying of suman and kasuy, we headed to Bacoor already. Before going to our marital home, we had a late lunch at Shakey’s first. We were too exhausted from our long trip that when we reached home, we all decided to doze off. Haha.

Hero Meatball, my new favorite at Shakey’s

Sunday was Tanza and Naic day. We left the house early to check my PILs’ properties in the said two towns. We even got to squeeze in a lunch date with my superfriend Nice and her family in Tanza while doing that. Talk about good time management. When we got back to Bacoor, we just took some rest before driving back to Manila at 6pm-ish.

Before heading home, we had dinner at Bon Chon at this new lifestyle hub called Blue Bay Walk on Macapagal Blvd. I liked it there. It looks like Taguig’s BGC to me. If they’d install some public art pieces in the open grass field and grow more trees and plants around the area, it could give Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati a run for its money!

Blue Bay Walk at night

When we finally got home, we were all tired but happy. While it’s not my kind of weekend because of the packed schedule, I’m still glad that the hubby and I got to spend the weekend with his family. My PILs are usually busy with their jobs so we always look forward to every possible bonding opportunity with them. 🙂

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