All-Work Weekend

It’s been a terribly busy week. It’s already weekend (today being a Saturday) but I’m still working. And yes, we have work tomorrow, too. All this in preparation for the big event we’re having on Monday. Uuuuggghh…

But you know, I love my job. This all-work weekend is happening only this weekend (I hope!). Because I’m working this weekend, I asked the hubby not to go home in Bacoor anymore but to just stay at my in-law’s place here in Manila until Monday comes. I think it’s more practical that way. And less tiring, too.

My only consolation about this whole thing is that we’re having a holiday next week (hello Labor Day!) and our mid-year bonus will be given the day after that (I heard so!). Haha. 🙂

P.S. I think this is the lousiest weekend story I’ve ever written for this blog.

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