Goodbye, Braces!

After a few years of wearing braces, I finally got rid of them yesterday. Wohooo!

dyaraaaaaaaan, haha

It was a long, crazy journey. I had two dentists. The first one had too many patients (and her clinic was far from my place) that I felt the need to switch to the second one and stuck with him until my teeth became okay. Not 100% okay, actually, because my right canine moved too much inward when I got pregnant and so the second dentist and I had a tough time getting it back to its old position. It didn’t get back to normal but at least it didn’t look as ugly as before.

But I’m okay with my teeth now, they’re far from perfect but I think they still look better than before especially my two upper front teeth that used to be a bit twisted and my two lower front teeth that used to have a huge gap between them. ­čÖé

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