Never Afraid to Cook

I’ve always loved to cook. I’m not a chef, though. I’m just your ordinary working wife who cooks for her husband during weekends. I say only during weekends because we get free meals on weekdays courtesy of my MIL. (But that’s another story for a different time.) The only time I don’t get to cook for my husband is when I’m too lazy to whip up anything edible and just resort to eating out or delivery (my treat, of course!).

I learned how to cook from my mom who’s very good in the kitchen. Actually, it was she who taught me not to be afraid when cooking. I remember she once told me when a dish you cook turns out bad, you just charge it to experience. You can always cook the same dish again with good (or better) results, anyway. So far, majority of the dishes I’ve cooked have been well-received. And I’m proud of myself for it.

My cooking is limited to Pinoy dishes and some gourmet ones (as adapted from recipes I get online). I still have a lot to learn when it comes to cooking but you know, I’m always excited to try cooking new dishes not just to feed my husband and our families but also for my own personal fulfilment. Kitchen, after all, is one of my happy places and cooking is something that I enjoy doing over and over again. Add to that the fact that I love to eat making cooking a win-win situation to me. Haha. 🙂

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  1. I hope I will learn to cook someday kasi as of the moment hindi talaga. I cooked adobo once but it came out as friend chicken adobo kasi naubusan na ng sabaw, hindi pa rin luto yung chicken. Hahaha. That made me give up kitchen a little bit. Takot din kasi ako sa tumatalsik na mantika kapag nagpipriito. Hehehe.
    Anyway, I am a frustrated pastry maker naman. I love baking pero it doesnt like me in return. Siguro kapag nag asawa na ako, I have no choice but to learn cooking too ano?! Oh wait! I cooked Munggo pala once at sabi ng boyfriend ko masarap naman daw. Well, sabi nya. Heheheh. =)

    1. Oo naman Jen, habang may buhay may pag-asa. Hehe. Basta try lang ng try until you succeed. I enjoy baking, too, nakakatsamba din ako minsan, haha. Mas mahirap kasi sa baking dapat sakto lagi ang ingredients kundi may effect sa output. 🙂

  2. mabuti ka pa marunong magluto. ako hindi talaga e, kay si hubby ang nagpe prep ng ulam namin. Kanin marunong ako, hehe!

    Maganda yung marunong talaga magluto, sana isa din yan sa matutunan ko. =)

    1. It’s never too late to learn, Joy. Start muna sa simpleng dish then unti unti yung medyo elaborate na. Kaya mo yan, go girl! 🙂

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