Weekend Pleasures

Whenever I talk about weekends on this blog, I always make it a point to share a story. Like what we did on that particular weekend, the realizations I pondered on, the stuff that made me happy, etc, etc. This post is a bit different as I’m sharing pictures of things (or people) that made my weekend extra special and fun. Let me get started now…


I finally found the time to continue reading this book about shopping. While it focuses mainly on the sellers’ perspective, I still picked up a lot on what motivates people to shop and what gravitates us to the goods sold in stores. Somehow, it made me feel good about the shopping fast I’m doing. Haha.


While cleaning my things last Saturday night, I saw my A1 driving school documents. It’s been a few months since I finally had the guts to learn how to drive. And I’ve never felt better. Learning how to drive is one of the highlights of 2014 to me. Proud to be a new driver!


I dunno how to call this little yummy creation but this was my breakfast last Sunday morning. I’ve seen photos of this scattered online and shared in social media and when I finally tasted it, my desire to bake my own has strengthened. Maybe soon. Anyway, this and three more pieces were given by our sweet neighbor Monic. Thanks again, girl!


Warning: construction in progress. Haha. That’s the front of our house being constructed. It used to be bare, no fence and no roof. Look at it now, it’s more secure. I’ll post a blog once everything’s finished.


Yesterday was Father’s Day and to celebrate it, we called up Shakey’s delivery for some pizza. Through the hubby’s Shakey’s Supercard, we got two boxes which we shared with the laborers (who were all fathers, too). Everybody happy!


Our newest find from the Korean grocery in Molito, Alabang. The hubby and I are big fans of Korean ice cream! How come theirs are way better than ours? Just asking.


The hubby doesn’t forget taking me to the church to hear the mass. Recently, we’ve been attending the anticipated mass held on Saturday nights so we could wake up late on Sundays. Smart, eh?

It’s a brand new week today. I hope we all have a beautiful and fruitful one. Over at my workplace, everything seems slow with no sign of busyness in the air. I think I’m gonna like it. Bye for now! 🙂

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  1. ganda ng ginagawa nyong house! Tsaka diba fried oreos yung isa sa mga photos mo? I’m planning to make din noon e, di pa nga lang ako makakain ng egg kasi nagaalala ako baka bumalik allergy ni baby(breastfeeding). Yung fried oreo kasi may egg dapat yung batter. Ewan ko lang kung same yun sa isa sa photos mo a.

    Haven’t tried korean ice cream, curious din! hehe! =)

    1. Thanks Joy! Uhm, di ko rin sure if fried oreos ang tawag dyan kasi chocolate chip cookie sya with oreo cookie inside. It’s like a cookie within a cookie. Haha. Oh, tama wag muna magtry ng may egg, baka si baby ang magsuffer. Better safe than sorry, sis. Try mo na rin Korean ice cream, tell hubby to get you some, lambing lang ba. Haha. 🙂

  2. Thanks for dropping by and leaving comments on my blog and it’s nice to find yours too!
    It’s really nice to have a husband who takes you to church every Sunday. We attend Saturday night mass when I go to work every other weekends. Geez, I really miss Manila.

    1. Thank you also Gladys for finding my blog and leaving a comment here. Nothing beats home pa rin, diba? But then, you’re with your own family naman and anywhere you go as long as you’re together, it feels like home, too. 🙂

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