Triple Celebration

We had a triple celebration last night. It was for the following occasions: my mom’s birthday (July 30th), my PILs wedding anniversary (July 31st) and my MIL’s birthday (August 7th). We wanted to celebrate together and due to differences in schedule, we decided to celebrate everything in one go. (It was also economical that way.) And so, we had dinner last night at Shakey’s SM Manila, one of our fave restaurants and the most convenient venue for all of us.


The hubby’s side of the family has only four members while mine has a total of six. My SIL Albie couldn’t make it for the dinner because of work (the month-end period at a bank’s headquarters can be very toxic I heard!). We were still a group of 10 though because my cousin Celeste was there. (She came back from Taiwan last Monday, dropped by our house to stay for a few days and will be leaving for Cebu tonight to continue her short vacation with her family there.)

We availed of Shakey’s Monster Deal that’s good for 10-12 pax (sulit na sulit sya for us!)and just ordered rice for family members who can’t live without it. Haha. And since we have a Shakey’s Supercard, we got a 10% discount on our orders. We also bought two cakes from Red Ribbon for the candle blowing part. I so love this pic of two of the best moms in the world — my MIL Mama Tining and my mother Mame Amparo!


Aren’t they cute? I feel so lucky to have these two amazing women in my life who love me unconditionally and guide me as I embrace married life and hopefully, in God’s time, full-pledged motherhood. With them around, my life is filled with love, joy and positivity. I love these two to bits!

Our triple celebration last night was filled with chatter and laughter. We went home happy because of the memories made and shared, and stuffed because of the yummy food we ate. Life is good. God is great. 🙂

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  1. Shakey’s was my favorite hangout when I was in college in Manila. Love the one on Taft avenue, they even has a live band. Do they still offer bunch a lunch? I haven’t had Shakey’s for years as most of their restaurants here in California have closed down.

    1. Yes, they still do. That’s what my hubby usually gets when we dine together. Ako naman I love their hero sandwiches! 🙂

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