Weekend Story: Slow Saturday, Crafty Sunday

I love weekends. Whenever it’s a weekend, I feel like I’m on vacation. I actually like how flexible weekends can be. You can do just about everything without following any list, order or schedule. Like last weekend, for instance, when I just kind of slowed down and rested a lot.

On Saturday, I was at my siblings’ place and spent the whole afternoon with my family. Everybody was there except for my sister Nyam who has work on Saturdays (poor her!). My family and I never run out of stories to share with one another. Whenever I visit them, I feel like a celebrity because they would fight for my attention. I’m the only one married (yet) among my siblings so they don’t see me that often and that’s why they miss me all the time. Haha.

Aside from going to the supermarket for some grocery shopping, the hubby and I just stayed home on Sunday. This gave me ample time to do some cleaning and well, a DIY project! I made a set of necklace and earrings out of my old and broken accessories. Why buy new ones if you can recycle, right?


Aren’t they lovely? I’m so proud of myself for this little accomplishment. I still have more to make in the coming weekends. I just pray I’d have the energy and motivation to do them. Anyway, I made my accessories while munching on crunchy green peas. Pinoy 80’s babies out there, remember the brand Sunshine?


Also, I made camote tops salad. It was my first time to make this as a married woman. My first time, too, to make my own vinaigrette for it which was composed of just four ingredients: vinegar, soy sauce, EVOO and sugar. The salad was delish and the hubby liked it a lot!


On Sunday night, we were so happy and relieved to see Meralco people visiting our village to change the fallen electric post on the corner of our street. Thank God, our electricity problem is now finally fixed! It took them two weeks to take action, but nevertheless, we were grateful.


And you, how did your weekend go? 🙂

12 Replies to “Weekend Story: Slow Saturday, Crafty Sunday”

  1. I also love weekends kasi it gives us more time to spend quality time with our families.

    Good thing ok na electricity nyo. Tagal ng wala ni Glenda eh. Hehe. I do remember yung green peas sa mga tindahan pero hindi ko sya na try pa. Hehehe. =)

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend! Always best when it’s spent with family. OMG, I cannot remember the last time I had Sunshine green peas! I used to buy lots of those when I was a kid!

    1. Yes nothing beats the time spent with our loved ones. Lakas makathrow back Thursday ng Sunshine green peas, diba sis? 😉

    1. Yes Gladys enjoy ang weekend. Di bale makakabawi ka rin madami pa susunod na weekends, hehe. Meron pa din nga Sunshine, actually nakalagay nga sa packaging na ineexport din sya sa ibang bansa, oh diba level up na. 🙂

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