Weekend Story: New Year 2017

Happy New Year, people! How is 2017 treating you? I hope you are all doing great and you all had a fun New Year weekend. Last weekend was a blast for the hubby and me. We, along with our two families, celebrated the New Year in our Bacoor home. We drove there first with my two sisters and parents on December 30th and my in-laws and brother joined us on the 31st.

That Friday night, we even had the time to go out for some family bonding at Evia Lifestyle Center. We had a quick dinner and watched MMFF movies.

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Weekend Story: Bacoor Staycation + MIL’s Birthday Celebration

It’s funny how I always consider going home in Bacoor as a “staycation.” You cannot blame me, though, given our current living arrangement. After all, it’s just the the hubby and me there and our room is as cozy as we wanted it to be. Plus, it’s air-conditioned! (Our room at my PILs’ place isn’t.) Well, I guess such a little luxury makes a big difference especially in this tropical country of ours. The fact that we only get to enjoy it during weekends (and not if we miss going home for the weekend) make it sweeter. I highly doubt I’d appreciate having an air-con room as much as I do now if I get to enjoy the comfort of an air-con room every night. Oh, the beauty of rarity!

That’s why I’m glad last weekend was another Bacoor staycation. We arrived home on Friday night and left for Manila on Sunday afternoon for a family dinner at Sincerity Cafe & Restaurant (Lucky Chinatown Mall branch) to celebrate my MIL’s 68th birthday!

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Weekend Story: House Guest, Red Velvet Cake, Thai Resto and Unexpected New Stuff

We had a house guest last weekend. It was my mareng Josh. We’ve been friends for a few years and share the distinction of being the godmother to the daughter of one of my bestfriends. It was actually that bestfriend of mine who introduced us to each other. Josh and I always chat on FB and one time while talking about home improvement projects, I decided to invite her for an overnight stay at our Bacoor home.

As expected from two talkative people, we did a lot of chatting. I’m really shy in person but once I get along with someone, I usually never run out of stories to tell. Haha. Aside from chatting (and laughing of course!), we ate a lot and took advantage of the hubby’s LTE pocket Wi-Fi. I was also in the mood to bake then so I made her a red velvet cake which we had for merienda.

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Weekend Story: Slow Saturday, Crafty Sunday

I love weekends. Whenever it’s a weekend, I feel like I’m on vacation. I actually like how flexible weekends can be. You can do just about everything without following any list, order or schedule. Like last weekend, for instance, when I just kind of slowed down and rested a lot.

On Saturday, I was at my siblings’ place and spent the whole afternoon with my family. Everybody was there except for my sister Nyam who has work on Saturdays (poor her!). My family and I never run out of stories to share with one another. Whenever I visit them, I feel like a celebrity because they would fight for my attention. I’m the only one married (yet) among my siblings so they don’t see me that often and that’s why they miss me all the time. Haha.

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Weekend Story: Two Ramen Places and Two Unexpected House Guests

Last Saturday, the hubby and I met up with our Bohol-based friend Eric and his girlfriend Joy. She stays and works in Parañaque and he visits her regularly and vice versa. When the hubby had a short vacay in Bohol last May, he promised Eric that he’d take him to a ramen place when he goes to Manila because he got curious about the ramen craze here. So, off we took the lovebirds to Ramen Kuroda in Aguirre, BF Homes.


I was the one who picked the place because I haven’t been to Aguirre Avenue that’s fast-becoming a popular destination for foodies. And since we would be picking them up at SM Sucat, the proximity of the two places was just perfect. We were also fortunate that when we arrived at Ramen Kuroda, the place was only starting to get packed. We were able to get a table in a jiffy. We availed of their ramen sets and it was the best decision, ever. Their ramen sets were so sulit (worth the money)! We easily got stuffed. And delightfully so because the food was good!

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Home Improvement Project: Front Extension

Armed with the PhilHealth refund check we received in May, some extra money and additional funds from my PILs, we have finally pushed through the construction of our front extension. We hired our old contractor Ronald and his team for the job which took almost three weeks to finish.

the finished product (sorry it’s been raining a lot these days, hence, the sinampay)

We built concrete fences on both sides, a metal gate with matching metal grills in front, polycarbonate roofing and tiled flooring. We also asked Ronald to put a hanging sink with wooden counter tops (using my MIL’s narra scraps) in one corner so we could do some cooking and cleaning outside the house. This will come in handy when we’d have guests coming over or we’d suddenly decide to hold a last-minute party with our families.

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