Weekend Story: Bacoor Staycation + MIL’s Birthday Celebration

It’s funny how I always consider going home in Bacoor as a “staycation.” You cannot blame me, though, given our current living arrangement. After all, it’s just the the hubby and me there and our room is as cozy as we wanted it to be. Plus, it’s air-conditioned! (Our room at my PILs’ place isn’t.) Well, I guess such a little luxury makes a big difference especially in this tropical country of ours. The fact that we only get to enjoy it during weekends (and not if we miss going home for the weekend) make it sweeter. I highly doubt I’d appreciate having an air-con room as much as I do now if I get to enjoy the comfort of an air-con room every night. Oh, the beauty of rarity!

That’s why I’m glad last weekend was another Bacoor staycation. We arrived home on Friday night and left for Manila on Sunday afternoon for a family dinner at Sincerity Cafe & Restaurant (Lucky Chinatown Mall branch) to celebrate my MIL’s 68th birthday!

But first, below are some photos that made my weekend:

ube hopia
Pasteleria Illustrado’s hopia ube (with more ube filling now!)

Game of Thrones marathon

finally, my first leather bag…Fino is love!

I am going to write a separate blog post for this bag as I feel a mere mention isn’t enough.

And now, this group photo from my MIL’s birthday dinner:

viber image
Techos and Mabalays with Mame’s nephew Jan2x (future seafarer like her other nephew Jun2x who stayed at my siblings’ place before)

We were incomplete this time because my brother Danison was still recovering from flu and my sister Jodie stayed home to look after him. Ang sweet, diba? Pero ang totoo, tinamad lang maligo at hindi maiwan yung librong binabasa nya, hahaha. Ooooops, sorry bunso!

the Techos

the birthday girl

At 68, my MIL doesn’t look her age. If you’ll see her in person, you won’t think she’s almost 70 at all. Naku, ang sigla-sigla pa nyan kumilos kaya! I consider myself lucky for having an MIL like her. She’s loving, generous, family-oriented, and effortlessly funny like Mame. (They have the same zodiac sign and that’s probably the reason why they have the same traits.) Of course, she’s not perfect, and so am I. Pero magkasundong-magkasundo kami at nagpapasalamat ako na sya ang MIL na ibinigay sakin ng Diyos. Happy birthday again, MIL, mahal kita, alam mo yan!

Have a productive and fun week, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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8 Replies to “Weekend Story: Bacoor Staycation + MIL’s Birthday Celebration”

  1. Belated happy birthday to your mother-in-law! Even in the photo, she doesn’t look her age! Did you have Sincerity’s famous fried chicken? The best!

  2. Happy birthday to your MIL! She doesn’t look her age nga! Kung buhay pa ang nanay ko, she would have turned 68 this year din pala hehe. Isa rin talaga sa dasal ko ay sana bigyan ako ni Lord ng makakasundong MIL :).

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