My First Leather Bag is a Fino!

I first heard about Fino from this post. I’m not sure if it’s the same year the post was published that I got to read it or the next. All I remember is that I developed an instant liking for the brand and its stylish and sturdy leather goods. With a consumer culture lusting primarily over foreign designer brands and patronizing just about anything imported, seeing local brands like Fino thrive is a breath of fresh air. It also affirms our capability to be at par with the best in the world. It even adds to the list of things that make me proud to be a Filipino.

I have always wanted to own a leather bag, something that’s long-lasting and worthy of my hard-earned money. I initially wanted a Cuyana tote (me and my bias for tote bags!) in caramel but decided against it after setting foot inside a Fino store and laying my eyes on the Davos bag, which is the very design synonymous to Fino. I knew right then and there it was the one I truly wanted. But I found it expensive at PHP8,000+ then. Plus, I didn’t have the money yet. When the time came that I already had the money for the bag, inflation made its price even higher at PHP13,000+.

Cuyana’s classic leather tote in caramel (screenshot from

The purchase happened just last Saturday when we went to the Fino store in Alabang Town Center (ATC). I first went inside the store to browse and a Davos bag in blue suddenly caught my attention. It was on sale at 20% off! I got out of the store thinking long and hard. Somehow I knew that was the moment I had been waiting for. The hubby kept on telling me to get it already. So I went back to the store only to leave empty-handed a minute later. When I went inside the store for the third time, siguro nakahalata na yung sales attendant na gusto ko bumili, nag-offer na ng 25% discount. Nag-compute naman ako agad, sa original price na PHP13,850, aabot din pala sa PHP3,462.50 yung magiging discount ko. For me, that was the sign! And so the hubby and I left the store with my Fino leather bag. Mainit-init pa, hahaha.

isn’t she a beauty?

fino bag
the most accurate color of the bag my phone’s camera could capture

My blue Davos bag has a shoulder strap. Davos bags manufactured before didn’t have one. There is now a smaller version of the Davos but I opted to get the regular size (H22 x W18 x L29 cm). Mine also has stainless steel hardware instead of the usual brass. Did I mention its French calf leather exterior is soft and smooth to the touch and smells good?

frech calf leather

The lavender blue lining inside gives a good contrast to its blue exterior. And the seamless stitching, just wow! It speaks a lot about Fino’s attention to details. The bag is a bit heavy on its own (but definitely lighter than the other leather bags I tried carrying in leatherware shops during window shopping) and so I plan to limit its contents when I’d use it.


All Fino bags have a lifetime service warranty. Once you’ve bought a leather bag (or any other items) from Fino, your name is instantly added to their listing which entitles you to a 10% discount in your future purchases. You just have to tell the store where your listing is (mine is with Fino ATC branch).

I have to give credit to my husband for pushing me to get my first leather bag. He didn’t just push me to get it, he even bought and carried it for me! A million thanks, my love. With my bag budget still intact, I can now buy another bag. Just kidding!


Few, better things. This statement, that happens to be Cuyana’s tagline, remains to be my minimalist goal. With the arrival of my leather bag, I plan to hand down some of my bags to Mame (who’s a natural hoarder, but that’s a story for a different post). I know I can function with just a few but better bags.

P.S. My first Fino item is a green zippered jewelry box in croc leather which was a birthday gift from my former boss back in October 2011. It’s been five years with me now but it still looks as good as new! For me, that’s an assurance that this new bag of mine will also last.


P.P.S. I’m one happy and satisfied customer! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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33 Replies to “My First Leather Bag is a Fino!”

  1. I think the Fino brand is a good deal. 🙂 If the bag lasts you for 5 years, parang 6 pesos lang sya per day. I like that their designs are classic, devoid of ostentatious tags.

    1. Exactly! Sulit na talaga. I really try to go for classic designs when buying accessories. Exception to the rule pag natype-an ko dahil fun or may character yung item. 🙂

  2. Nice bag! And that discount is huge ha! Lucky you…or lucky si hubby since sya ang bumili? hehehe

    My favorite wallet is Fino in croc leather too! Classic and manipis lang hehehe. Medyo hindi ko masyadong tinitignan ang bags nila kasi alam kong mahal but I drop by their shop from time to time just to appreciate the items hehehe.

    Ay naalala ko, 2x a year daw sila madalas magsale ng sale talaga isang yearend to start of the year at mid year ata if my memory serves me right. I asked them before yung nagustuhan ko talaga yung wallet na nabili ko don hehe.

    1. Thanks, Mylene! Lucky hubby, indeed! Haha. Gusto ko rin ng croc leather wallet nila, yung may zipper sana, pero hindi available sa ATC store. 🙂

  3. Hi Edel! Wow that is a very nice bag. It looks very classy at mabilis bagayan. Napaka supportive din ni hubby! You deserve a bag (or even two!!!) with all the hardwork that you do hehe 🙂 Hope all is well with you!

  4. If only blogs can make the readers smell whatever is written… I can imagine the smell of your new bag! Tapos, parang ang sarap niyang hawak-hawakan! :p

    I agree with FEW BETTER THINGS. I only have 2 “pang-alis” bags + 1 laptop bag I use in the office + 1 diaper bag. :p

  5. The one and only Fino I own is a black long wallet given to me by my Papa na binigay din sa kanya ng boss nya. It’s 8yrs old and parang bago pa. Kalurks! I’ve been eyeing a green bag din. Mga 6yrs na ngayon. Di ko mabili. Bwahahahaha!

    1. Isa na namang proof na matibay talaga pag gawang Fino. Priorities, priorities, hehe. But you’ll have the bag one day, sis! 🙂

  6. I have the Cuyana tote and I love it. Real leather bags are just the best—i can smell them the whole day. But I’ve also been looking at a Fino bag for years and years now. Iba pa rin pag Filipino made. A wise investment choice on your part, and very classic and classy. Enjoy! 🙂

    1. Thank you, TSG! I can imagine you bringing your Cuyana tote in your travels. It’s still in my list of dream bags. 🙂

  7. Ang gandaaa…..isa ako sa mga babaeng adik din sa bag, mumurahin nga lang ang nabibili ko, heheh. Ang ganda talaga ng bag mo sis, simple pero classy ang dating. Kahit mahal, sulit pa rin kasi madaling bagayan at panigurong matibay sya. Ilang araw ko ng tinitingnan tong post mo, actually di ko sya binasa nung una, tiningnan ko lang yung bag :). Lucky you, nakadiscount ka ng malaki at nalibre pa ng hubby mo.

    1. Thank you, Grace! Oo nga sinwerte ako, hahaha. Dumating na ako sa punto na nag-invest na rin sa mamahalin pero matibay at pangmatagalan. Darating ka rin doon dahil wais ka at afford at deserved mo yun, pero siyempre alam ko iba pa priorities mo ngayon. 🙂

  8. Wow. I didn’t know that Fino salesladies can offer a discount on the spot! Matanong nga yung ATC branch the next time I’m in the market for a new bag.

  9. Congrats Edel! My very first splurge for genuine leather bag is Fino too. And yes, they last a long time. At may sale sila 2x a year ata, and you get a lifetime discount card (10% off) pag bumili ka ng item worth 10k =). Though baka nagbago ng miinimum ngayon.

    Hurray for local craftmanship!

    1. Thank you, Tin! Yes, twice a year nga, July-Aug and Dec-Jan. About the minimum for discount, ang nababasa ko rin online ay 10K worth of purchase. I think I should clarify on that the next time I visit a Fino store so I could edit that vague info I shared on this post. To more top-notch Filipino brands! 🙂

  10. Super love love your bag! Been a fan of Fino ever since I saw their shop more than a decade ago at Glorietta.

    I agree, Fino bags are on par with foreign designer labels, and mas matibay pa + lifetime service warranty!

    I can just imagine the smell of your new bag! FYI, you have to do a bit of extra effort to maintain the leather, but it’s not too much naman. Just condition the leather so it won’t dry out and make sure to use it or air it out every month or so so it doesn’t develop any unwanted errr, stuff.

    Great find and lucky, lucky you on the 25% discount! 😀

    Haha, it seems like the start of an addiction LOL.

    1. Thank you, TBQ! Googling “how to condition leather bags” now. Ay sinabi mo pa, kaadik nga. I swear, my next purchase is going to be a wallet in croc leather. Ang hirap nga lang makatiyempo ng kulay na gusto ko at naka-sale rin dapat! 🙂

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