Pippo, Our Little Angel

Two years ago today, I gave birth to our first baby whom we named Pippo Matthew Mabalay Techo. He’s now an angel in heaven, well cared for by God. I wrote the poem below to reminisce, and at the same time, declare our undying love for our son.

Our Little Angel
By: Edelweiza Mabalay-Techo

God gave you to us, but only for a very short time
Just four sweet hours, baby, and we’ve always wondered why
We still don’t know the reasons, we still don’t want to find out
All we know is that, you were and will always be our biggest blessing.

We never asked for you, but you came into our lives
Life is really full of surprises!
We welcomed you with open arms,
And you filled our hearts with overflowing love.

Until now, we daydream of carrying you in our arms,
Staring at you while you sleep, waiting for you to awaken
Smelling your baby’s breath and watching you smile
It’s just so sad, we can only go that far!

Life has been different, ever since you left us
We believe we’ve changed for the better, only not happier
Things have gotten better, only not as we wished they would be
But life goes on, baby, for your father and me.

We have so much love to give, but you’re not here to receive
You have so much joy to give, but we’re not there to feel it
Only God and the angels can see what you have become
But we promise, we’ll see each other again in God’s perfect time.

Thank you for reading. If it’s not too much to ask, please say a short prayer for him today. 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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13 Replies to “Pippo, Our Little Angel”

  1. I prayed for Pippo, and I prayed for you and your hubby, too. I’m trying so hard to fight the tears while reading this because I may have not lost a child, but I do know how you feel when you say that you daydream about holding a baby in your arms. 😐

    Happy birthday, Pippo! I just gave your mom a virtual hug!!! 🙂

    1. Waaaah, natouch naman ako sayo, sis! Thank you so much for the prayer and the virtual hug. I’m sure na-appreciate din ni Pippo yan. Hehe. 🙂

  2. You and little Pippo are in my prayers. Your ordeal when you lost him is one that I always remember and he may not be around to give you hugs and kisses but he is there. Watching over you. An angel. Stay strong sis. It’s cliche but things happen for a reason.

    1. Thank you for the prayers and kind words, Lui! Indeed, there’s a reason for everything. We just miss him especially when it’s the 28th of September. 🙂

  3. Saw this yesterday in your IG. Broke my heart a little. When I was younger, I didn’t realize how painful it must be to lose a child. Nung nagka-anak na ako saka ko lang naisip yung pain sa parents — kasi yung simpleng sakit lang, sobrang sama na ng loob ko, how much more when you lose your baby, someone you have loved the moment you realized he’s there in you? Hugs.

    1. As for me, I didn’t realize how painful it was until I experienced it. Grabe, hindi ko maipaliwanag. Hindi ako madramang tao pero grabe talaga yung emotions. It’s something that you won’t wish to happen to anyone. I appreciate those hugs! Thank you very much, TPS! 🙂

  4. i don’t know what to say edel.yung poem na sinulat mo very touching and beautiful. i believe na masaya si little pippo kasi nasa heaven sya at binabantayan nya kayo ng papa nya.

    prayer for little pippo and hugs for you edel.

    1. Thank you so much, Joy! I really appreciate it. Yes, he’s just there somewhere. Sabi pa nga nila, may angel na kami na magwewelcome sa amin sa heaven when it’s our time na. Hehe. 🙂

  5. Hay, it’s been two years pero I’m still out of comforting words. Maybe because I felt the loss too, Pippo could have been Eon’s ICTO-BFF. I was thinking like, they could have been “brothers from another mother” (or maybe the opposite.hihi – but that I doubt). Somehow I was excited and curious of what could have been, if things didn’t happen as it was. Our prayers for Pippo, always, you and Edwin too, of course.

    1. Ella, that’s what Edwin would always say, too! That Eon and Pippo could have been good friends and (office) playmates like their fathers are had Pippo lived longer. Thank you for the prayers and comforting words. Much appreciated! 🙂

  6. The poem is very beautiful. Saw this and prayed for you and your family just now. Just know that you never really lost Pippo because he’s always in your heart and he’s always watching over you. Hope this one’s not yet too late, hugs for your Edel!

    1. Thank you, sis, for appreciating the poem and for the prayers and virtual hugs! That’s what we think, too. That he’s just up there watching over us. 🙂

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