Weekend Story: PhilCare Card, Korean Lunch Buffet and General Cleaning

It was one of those weekends when we weren’t able to visit our Bacoor home and instead, got stuck in Manila to do stuff. Our Saturday was spent with friends while our Sunday was filled with household chores. Haha.

I learned about PhilCare through one of the blogs I read regularly. They offer a list of health services and have several clinics in Metro Manila. My Superf Nice, my good friend Carmela and I availed of their Women’s Health card at P670. (Even if we have our respective Ob-Gyne’s, we thought of trying out PhilCare for experience and to save money.) You see, the card covers three services (one-time use only): Ob-Gyne consultation, pap smear and breast or transvaginal ultrasound. If we were to pay for these services individually, it would set us back at least P2,000. Laking tipid, diba?


We went to PhilCare’s U.N. Avenue clinic last Saturday morning and availed of the Ob-Gyne check-up and pap smear. We found out that the transvaginal ultrasound is by appointment only so we just had it scheduled at a different date. Dealing with PhilCare personnel and medical staff was a breeze and their clinic looked new and well-maintained so we generally enjoyed our visit there.

When lunchtime came, we met up with the hubby at Robinsons Place Manila before heading to Hwangso-Ga in Malate. It’s a Korean restaurant that offers unlimited samgyupsal at an affordable price of P349. We couldn’t let such a good opportunity pass so off we went inside.

yummy Korean food!

It was actually our first time to go all-out Korean (except for Superfriend Nice who traveled to Seoul last year!) and we were very satisfied, from the pork belly cooked on the spot at our table and the other dishes available in the buffet spread to the efficient service of the wait staff and the cozy ambience of the restaurant.


And before we parted ways with our two friends, we took them to Family Mart for some unli twirl fun. Haha. Unli twirl addicts na yata kami!


On Sunday, the hubby and I heard the mass in the morning and joined forces to clean our room at my PILs’ place in the afternoon. When dinnertime came, I showed up at the restaurant (where I work as a part-time tour guide) to earn some money. There were a lot of guests that night but I think we managed to give all of them a pleasurable dining experience.

And now, it’s back to the daily grind. Have a productive Monday, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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12 Replies to “Weekend Story: PhilCare Card, Korean Lunch Buffet and General Cleaning”

    1. I don’t wear make up, sis. Lipstick sometimes, pero madalas lip gloss lang. Sa face, bare face lang madalas. Kaya madalas haggard sa pictures, minsan nadadaan lang sa Snapseed (the app). Haha. Pag mag attend ng formal occasions, dun ako nagme make up para di naman OP. 🙂

      1. Akala ko naka-no-makeup makeup ka. Maganda talagang pundasyon ang magandang skin.
        Pwes, ida-download ko yang Snapseed na yan ASAP. Hhahahahaha!

        1. Hahaha, ang dami ko kayang facial warts! Sabi pa nga ng brother ko before, makinis lang daw ako tingnan sa malayo. Lakas makapanlait, diba? Swerte lang wala akong pimples. Ayaw nila sakin eh. 🙂

          P.S. Go, idownload mo na ang Snapseed! It will change your life just as it changed mine. 🙂

  1. It’s really worth it to have that kind of insurance especially seeing OB-gyne for check ups.They’re getting expensive these days.And I love ice cream twirl,once in a blue moon,we go to mini-mart here in town to buy that.I love chocolate and vanilla flavor.

    1. True, Gladys, health care services are getting more and more expensive these days. Sabi nga sa TV commercial, bawal magkasakit. 🙂

  2. I haven’t heard of PhilCare card yet. Is that part of a new HMO? Where can I find one (that P670 deal)? Do they have other outlets where that offer is available here in MM?

  3. mura na talaga yang nakuha nyo,kasi check palang sa OB 500 pesos na wala pang lab test dun.

    Mukhang masaya din yung bonding moments nyo a!naku, kung ako kasama nyo palagi siguradong uber gain ng weight ko nyan, goodbye diet!hehe! =)

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