Cooking with Edel: Pinoy Cheese Pimiento Spread

Cheese pimiento is one of my favorite spreads. I love pairing it with pandesal and sliced bread. I had been craving for it the past days so I prepared some the other night. By the way, I learned making this delicious spread from an aunt. When I first tried making it at home, it was a hit with the entire family. This time, the hubby liked it, too.


I’d like to think it’s the Pinoy version I made because it had a hint of sweetness. Haha. There’s no cooking involved here. You just mix everything up and voila, instant yumminess in a spread! (Sorry, I have to use the ‘Cooking with Edel’ title because I’m including this post in that category.)

Anyone can make this spread as it requires just four ingredients:

cheddar cheese (I used Ques-o, 2 small boxes)
pimiento (I used Jolly, small can)
mayonnaise (I used Lady’s Choice, 2 big sachets)
condensed milk (I used Alaska, small can)


1. Grate the cheese.
2. Cut the pimiento finely. Mix with the grated cheese.
3. Add the mayo and mix thoroughly.
4. Pour half of condensed milk into the creamy mixture and mix further until well-incorporated. (Add more milk if you want your spread sweeter!)
5. Spread onto your favorite bread and serve with a smile.

When kept inside the ref, this spread can last up to a week.

Happy eating! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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  1. Oh wow! I didn’t know that whipping up pimiento could be that easy. I’m definitely going to try this.

    What’s an alternative to condensed milk if you don’t want your spread to be sweet?

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