Cooking with Edel: Pinoy Cheese Pimiento Spread

Cheese pimiento is one of my favorite spreads. I love pairing it with pandesal and sliced bread. I had been craving for it the past days so I prepared some the other night. By the way, I learned making this delicious spread from an aunt. When I first tried making it at home, it was a hit with the entire family. This time, the hubby liked it, too.


I’d like to think it’s the Pinoy version I made because it had a hint of sweetness. Haha. There’s no cooking involved here. You just mix everything up and voila, instant yumminess in a spread! (Sorry, I have to use the ‘Cooking with Edel’ title because I’m including this post in that category.)

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Baking with Edel: How I Make Pancakes from Scratch

The hubby is a big pancake fan, and so are my mom and my FIL. I like pancakes, too, but not so much. If before, I would stock boxes of pancake mixes in our pantry to satisfy the hubby’s pancake cravings during weekends, now I just make pancakes from scratch.


I never thought making homemade pancakes was easy! It only requires a few ingredients and having a supply of them in your pantry means pancakes galore whenever you like. The hubby likes his pancakes with lotsa butter and maple syrup. I’m not a superwoman to produce homemade maple syrup so I just buy Clara Ole’s for less than P100 a bottle.

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