Weekend Story: Pampering Session, Solaire Casino and Quick Home Visit

Last weekend was short but sweet. My Saturday was spent through a pampering session with Mame and my sister Jodie at this cozy, little salon in Makati called Edwin Lisa Salon. Well, it’s more like we just had our hair fixed there and we got very satisfied with the results. You may read more about our experience and see our hair makeovers here.

Madam Edelweiza, LOL

The hubby and I, on our way to Bacoor, stopped over at Solaire Resort and Casino. We wanted to try our luck at the casino by playing roulette. We don’t know much about the game; we just know about its “color betting” feature. That is, placing bets on the red or the black could win us the same amount as our bet. Easy to understand, right?

Our capital was just P2,000 and the minimum bet is P500. Only four losses and we could go home empty-handed. We were losing at first but eventually, we won P500. After realizing that we already won that amount, we ran to the cashier and had our chips replaced with cash! Haha.


We still don’t have the guts to play with the slot machines. Paano ba laruin yun? Basta magtatapat lang ang magkakaparehong objects, panalo na? Diba maliit ang chance manalo dun?

Last Friday night, we went to Hyatt Hotel and Casino at Malate to have dinner at Lili’s. We were with my in-laws. After a sumptuous dinner of hotel-grade Chinese fares, we went inside the casino because my MIL wanted to play there just for fun. She ended up winning P600 at the roulette table. It somehow inspired us to try our luck at Solaire, hence, that casino visit.

We only got to stay in our Bacoor home overnight. We got there on Saturday night and left for Manila on Sunday afternoon. But it’s okay. Bawi na lang kami next weekend.

How did your weekend go, friends? Kwento naman dyan! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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8 Replies to “Weekend Story: Pampering Session, Solaire Casino and Quick Home Visit”

  1. Hello madam Edel! hehe! mukhang enjoy ang weekends mo a! Ang sarap talaga ng nagpapa ayos ng hair, ang lakas maka ganda!

    Wala akong mai share na ideas sayo about sa casino, takot din ako sa kasi sa ganyan e, pero mukhang nakakatuwa kapag nananalo, hihihi! =)

  2. Wow! Not bad winning 500 pesos ha?! Have not tried Solaire pa kasi most of the time sa Resorts World lang ako. I don’t play often din. Pag trip lang hehe. I know nothing about slot machines din eh kasi I play baccarats lang. Hehehe.

    Natawa ako sa “Madam Edelweiza” hahahahaha!

    1. Oo sis, medyo sagrado sakin ang weekend. Dapat masaya lagi! Hihi. Awww, sayang naman, bawi na lang next time pag ayos na ang daan. 🙂

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