Weekend Story: Ordinary but Never Boring

With the hubby attending classes at graduate school on Saturdays, I get to have more time in my hands to sleep longer and bond more with family members who live just across the street. It’s fun and I’m enjoying every minute of it. This temporary setup makes me happy.

Like last Saturday, for instance. I woke up late again and after having breakfast, I started reading this book titled “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin. (I have the e-book version,though.) It’s a nice book where the author herself talks about her own happiness project. She’s already happy but she wants to be “happier.” At first I thought she was weird, wanting to be happier and all, but as I continued reading, I found myself relating to her stories more and more. I like that she’s a smart lady and the book is peppered with a lot of facts based from various studies as well as quotes from the authors and philosophers that she looks up to.

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Her happiness project is documented by months and each month, she has some goals to achieve (or more like activities to do) that also serve as her guiding light in that special journey. I’ve finished reading her February outputs and I will resume reading when March comes, just in time for her March outputs. Wala lang.

On Saturday afternoon, there was this funny scene between my mother and I involving some tikoy:


Hanggang ngayon, tawang-tawa pa rin ako! I love you, Mame! πŸ™‚

When the hubby came back from school, we immediately packed our bags and left for Bacoor. It was a bit cold that night so I wore this outfit (pagbigyan nyo na ang OOTD ko):


The plan was to stop over at Mall of Asia to grab some dinner. And we did just that. We went to 8 Cuts Burger Blends.


I was a bit shocked to find our burger patties very oily! That, or maybe the meat just had looooots of fat. But still, I was quite disappointed. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I hoped. And because of that, no burger photo here. (In case you wanna see it, though, it’s on my IG.)

The redeeming factor of our dining experience (as first-timers, if I may add) was their onion rings. Boy, were they fantastic! Sweet and juicy onions coated with a light breading and dusted with a flavorful spice mix. So addicting!


Our Sunday was productive. I hand-washed all our office clothes and cooked all our meals for the day except for breakfast when I made sandwiches. I fried a big piece of Hungarian sausage in a pan and added some sliced onions to it. After a few minutes, instant gourmet sandwiches!

this was my sandwich, the hubby couldn’t wait for his and ate it up before I could take a photo

Are you familiar with this soya milk-based drink?


It’s been my staple weekend beverage for the past few months. I like how filling and chocolate-y it is. I’m not really into soya milk but when it’s this good, I wouldn’t mind drinking it, at all.

While I was hand-washing our office clothes, the hubby took care of our pambahay clothes with the help of his trusty washing machine. We took a long nap after. Dinner was early at 6:00 p.m. And as usual, we went to bed early, too. By 5:45 a.m. today, we were already back in Manila. We even got to sleep again for two hours before going to work. Perk of having a work place within walking distance from where we live.

Friends say we have a crazy schedule (going home to Bacoor for the weekend and back to Manila by Monday) but I think it’s the best one for us, for NOW. Our weekends are ordinary but never boring. We actually enjoy going home to Bacoor. Every time we enter the door to our love nest, it feels like we’re checking into some hotel for an awesome staycation. Yes, we are good at imagining things. Haha.

And you, any weekend stories you’d like to share with me? πŸ™‚

May you choose happiness always,
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16 Replies to “Weekend Story: Ordinary but Never Boring”

  1. Ganda ng japorms mo dito, Edel a! Like ko yang ganyang mga necklace din! Kapag stay lang din sa bahay gumagawa din kami ni hubby ng sarili naming mga sandwiches pero pag nagkakatamaran bili nalang sa malapit na fastfood store, hehe!

    Di ko pa natry 8 Cuts Burger Blends, and it’s really disappointing talaga kung as first timer na kakain doon e hindi ok ung food, parang sayang ang pera at di na uulit pa diba. Na experience namin yan dati nag try kami sa isang resto super mahal ng food tapos “meh” lang at di satisfying kaya di na kami umulit dun.

    Mukhang maganda yung book na yan about happiness at ang tikoy nakakamiss ang lasa, pero ang bilis din makabusog.ano? =)

    1. Salamat, Joy! Mahilig ako sa necklace eh, sa Landmark ko nabili yan before. Alam mo ba, nakakita ako ng same necklace (as in pareho talaga) at an H&M store in Singapore before. Ang mura ko lang nabili yan sa Landmark. Kaaliw lang.

      Kaya nga, ganda pa naman review ng 8 Cuts online. But I’m still giving them a benefit of the doubt. At buti na lang sobrang sarap ng onion rings nila! Dun sila nakabawi sakin. Hehe. Totoo naman yang sinabi mo Joy, dapat pag mahal ang bayad sulit ang produkto at serbisyo.

      Do try reading the book, ganda sya. At ang tikoy mahilig ako dyan, pero hinay hinay nga lang kasi carbo kung carbo sya talaga. πŸ˜‰

  2. Hi Edel! I’m also reading THP. I started last year pero di ko natapos, so inuulit ko this year. I’m aslo blogging about it, per month.

    Bet ko rin OOTD mo. Very relaxed.

    Onion rings? Oh my – one of my faves! So I will include this on my To-Try list.

    1. Oh, I’ll check your posts about it then. Ang saya. Salamat, paminsan minsan lang ako magdamit ng maayos-ayos. Haha. Yes, sarap talaga onion rings nila! πŸ™‚

    1. Naku Je, magandang training lang siguro sa akin yung pagco-commute ko nung college (from DasmariΓ±as, Cavite to Manila and from Sta. Rosa, Laguna to Manila). Nabuild na ang endurance ko. Easy na rin kasi ngayon dahil may kotse na, hindi na commute. Lalo naman nung nagworking student ako sa isang fast food, madaling araw na kung umuwi ako sa bahay. Yung top ko, sa Landmark Dept. Store ko yan nabili, suyurin mo lang mabuti yung mga racks, may makikita kang mga treasures. πŸ™‚

  3. Nakita ko yung IG post re tikoy and tawa talaga ako ng tawa kasi nai-imagine ko nanay mo.
    I’ll try that VitaMilk for S. She loves soya milk kasi. Sana lang mas maganda label nila. Hehehehe.

    1. Haha, ang sarap kasi biruin ni Mame! Agree, sana nga mas attractive ang label para mas pansinin. Pero masarap talaga sya, very mild yung soya flavor. πŸ™‚

    1. E-book sent via email. Happy reading, sis!

      Salamat, gusto ko yang lakas makapayat na yan. Hehe. Sakto lang sa amin ang Bacoor kasi sa mismong Maynila lang kami nagwowork. 45 minutes travel time sya. Shorter than that kung mabilis magmaneho ang driver like my FIL. Haha. If Makati or Taguig ang work, medyo malayo nga. At kung nasa Manila lahat ang mahal sa buhay, hindi nga advisable sa Cavite. Hihi. πŸ™‚

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