Weekend Story: Rest and Recreation + Tagaytay Meetup with Relatives

Last weekend was relaxing and fun! I had a restful Saturday (I slept until 1:00 p.m.) and on Sunday, the hubby and I drove up to Tagaytay to meet up with my aunts and cousins from my father’s side. My mom was with them (two of my aunts are her BFFs!) so we were able to see her, too.

If there’s something that a balikbayan wants to do upon setting foot again in his/her motherland, that’s to touch base with his/her relatives and friends. I was glad that my balikbayan aunt Laura (she’s my dad’s first cousin) did just that and also went out of her way to see places she had missed most while abroad. One of those places was Tagaytay and so yesterday, she went there with her group and invited us over. She even brought her two nieces (my second cousins) along so I could meet them. They would be coming from Sta. Rosa City in Laguna where she currently stays at her two nieces’ place.

In Tagaytay, we visited Picnic Grove, Sky Ranch, and The Cliff House (yes, in that order). Tita Laura’s group brought some merienda which we ate in one of the tables at Picnic Grove.

Dahil ba mukhang luma na ang Picnic Grove kaya pati picture namin nagmukhang luma rin? LOL

After eating, we headed to Sky Ranch and saw a large crowd of families and friends having a great time there. We didn’t go inside anymore and just took photos outside.


We then proceeded to The Cliff House to take more photos, this time with the Taal Lake as backdrop.


We would have stayed longer in Tagaytay if my other aunt Rosie didn’t have to leave early. She still had to go back to San Jose City in Nueva Ecija where she lives. Our chikahan was cut chort but it was okay. We plan to meet again for the farewell party of aunt Laura who’s going back to Canada next month.

The hubby and I drove back to Bacoor and reach home at past 2:00 p.m. We took a nap right after and when we woke, spent the rest of the day doing household chores. When nighttime came, I cooked some dinner and we ate together. Then, the hubby spent a few hours working on his school report while I read several pages from my current book before we decided to go to bed at around 10:00 p.m.


By 5:45 a.m. today, we’re already back in Manila to face a new workweek.

Kumusta naman ang weekend nyo, mga kapatid? 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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14 Replies to “Weekend Story: Rest and Recreation + Tagaytay Meetup with Relatives”

  1. We went there last year, yung Sky Ranch wala masyadong rides at naliitan kami sa space di tulad ng mga ibang place. Ang maganda sa kanya may mga kainan lang sa tabi nila kung magutom ka. Masarap pumunta sa Tagaytay lalo na pag malamig ang weather. The best talaga ang gala pag kasama ang pamilya. =)

    1. Yep, maliit sya para maging theme park. Mas trip ko pa rin ang The Cliff House if view ng Taal Lake ang pag uusapan. Ganda ng vantage point dun. 🙂

  2. I am planning to go to Tagaytay din. Anung meron sa The Cliff house Edel? Hopefully this weekend makapunta din. Last year pa ako huling nakapunta jan eh, take note.. dumaan lang. hehehe! I want kasi sana to go with James eh parang family day ba 🙂

    1. Mga restos (Cafe Breton, Buon Giorno, Platito, etc.) lang, Jen. Pero ang the best dun, yung view ng Taal Lake, saka lakas makasushal ng place, well-maintained kasi. 🙂

  3. My husband and I lived in Santa Rosa for a year and we would make frequent trips to Tagaytay because it was so near na.

    Hayyy…. I do miss Sta. Rosa. It also gets cold there around this time, although not as cold as Tagaytay or Baguio. It’s such a nice community.

    1. Wow, nice! It’s true, malamig din doon. I lived at my aunt’s place in Sta. Rosa for two years during college. I even worked part-time at one of the restos at Paseo de Sta. Rosa called Isola Bistro (it’s not operational now but it used to be just behind Cafe Breton). 🙂

  4. Wow, 1pm.. Sarap. Someday sana magawa ko din yan!! Hehe.. We’re heading Tagaytay too with our friends. Im excited!

    Ang weekend ko same lang…. Spent time with hubby and baby! =D

    1. Yes, Gladys, kasi weekends lang ang pahinga namin dito. Hehe. Glad you’re back, I look forward to reading your new posts. 🙂

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