Weekend Story: Stuck in Manila and We Were Okay with It

Last weekend was spent entirely in Manila. The hubby and I were supposed to go home in Bacoor but because the delivery of the hubby’s package from Lazada got delayed in transit due to some routing issue, we had to change our plan. Instead of arriving last Saturday, it arrived yesterday. Staying in Manila on a weekend wasn’t that bad. We just made the most out of it.

On Saturday, the hubby went to school while I enjoyed some “me” time at my in-laws’ place. In the afternoon, I spent some quality time with my family at my siblings’ place. When dinnertime came, I met up with the hubby, my SIL Albie, and our friend Carmela at Robinsons Ermita. The hubby treated us to dinner at Yakimix.

Yakimix is one of the buffet restaurants I love. Cooked items pa lang, solved na ako!

halata bang mahilig ako sa Chinese food?

I particularly like their Robinsons Ermita branch because it’s not too crowded and there’s always more than enough food on the buffet spread. The staff is attentive and friendly, too.

pic edel1
us girls

On Sunday, the hubby and I heard the morning mass with Mame. We had breakfast at McDonald’s after.

pic edel3
mom and daughter moment

When the hubby’s Lazada package arrived at past 3:00 p.m., I temporarily lost him. He got engrossed with his brand new phone – a Xiaomi Redmi 1s – upon first inspection. He started ignoring my presence and so I just minded my own business and continued browsing through www.musiciansfriend.com. While he was configuring (and later on, exploring) his new toy, I was staring at the beautiful musical instruments waiting for their rightful owners to claim them. I may not be a musically-inclined person, but I have high respect for musicians and their dexterity in playing the guitar or the piano never fails to amuse me. But I digress.

pic edel2

As of this writing, the hubby’s still very much obsessed with his new gadget and is researching for more information, including user tips and tricks, about it. Oh well, boys will be boys. Haha.

I felt that last weekend was kinda bitin. I also missed our Bacoor home and kept thinking about my two succulents and my leeks that may have already died of dehydration because I was not able to water them. Waaaah!

On a different note, summer has arrived and I can already feel the heat! I hope to visit more beaches this season. Good luck to me!

How was your weekend, guys? Enjoy ba?

May you choose happiness always,
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12 Replies to “Weekend Story: Stuck in Manila and We Were Okay with It”

  1. Ok ba yung phone nila? Tska mas mura ba talaga sa Lazada pag bumili? Pareho pala sila ni hubby na hindi maistorbo kapag may bagong gadgets, hehe!

    I admire you Edel kasi you love spending time with your family talaga at ang sarap nga din naman kasi kasama ang pamilya at makipag kwentuhan. =)

    1. Okay daw Joy sabi ni hubby. Yung battery life nya, same din with other smart phones, if gagamitin lagi, need i-charge within the day. Salamat, pareho lang tayo na nag-eenjoy kasama ang pamilya! 🙂

    1. Nakikita ko nga yang Tong Yang! Diba yun yung may shabu-shabu? Sa Yakimix kasi may shabu-shabu ingredients pero walang sabaw for them. Haha. Meron malapit na Sambokojin sa amin sa Bacoor, yung sa SM Southmall. May alam kaming shortcut kaya kine-claim ko na “malapit” samin yon. One day, try namin kumain dun. Hehe. 🙂

    1. Yep, ang specs nya almost the same as the iPhone. Same processor daw or something. Mas mura pag sa Lazada bibilhin, nakadiscount si hubby ng 1k. 🙂

  2. I wanna go back to android and Xiaomi is one of the brands that I’m eyeing. Sabi nila ok daw. Pero I want the mi3 sana kaso laging out of stock. 🙁 Is the camera okay? Gusto ko kasi sana ok yung phone camera eh.

    1. Okay yung camera, pero mas okay yung mi3 for sure, kasi etong Redmi yung prang entry level lang nila eh. Bale second phone sya ni hubby, first phone si iPhone 6. 🙂

  3. Yakimix is the least of my favorites when it comes to buffets. Haven’t tried their Robinson’s Ermita branch, though. Tried it at their SM City Masinag and SM City North Edsa branches and both dining experience were good but food was just so-so. Malas lang siguro sa branch na napuntahan. :p

    Your picture with your mom made me miss my mom too! I actually miss home, especially weekends at home!


    1. Hehe, yung MOA, Greenbelt at ROb Ermita branches kasi ng Yakimix, nasasarapan ako. Hehe. I haven’t tried Sambokojin, sabi nila mas okay daw yun kesa Yakimix. Soon siguro.

      Awwww, nakakamiss talaga lalo na at close na close ka sa family mo. 🙂

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