On Generosity and Tithing

If I were to rate myself on my level of generosity (with 10 as the highest), I’d give myself a seven. Nope, never a perfect score because I’m not a saint. I’m just human and I can be selfish on occasions. While I tend to be generous to family and friends, I normally hesitate helping other people especially if I don’t know them too well. (I’m actually more helpful to people online than offline.)

In my quest for financial freedom, my generosity is constantly tested. Should I give money to charity on a regular basis or keep it to myself so I could achieve my financial goals faster? I guess the answer to that question should depend on how much I’m willing to give. Some say it should be 10% of one’s income and they have a term for it — tithe. Tithing is a practice, or more like a way of life, that a lot of Christians have adopted as part of their faith. And I admire them for that because let’s be honest here, not everybody can do it or is willing to do so.

The hubby and I don’t do tithing. We just give money to charity through the church and some non-profit organizations. It’s in any amount that we feel like giving at the time. Sometimes, we also hand alms to street children and beggars, but that’s all. Maybe someday, when we’re emotionally and spiritually ready, we would practice tithing, too.

Right now, we’re just doing our best to be better persons (more loving and compassionate) and trying to be more determined than ever in achieving our financial goals so we’d be able to bless more people with our wealth. We’re not closing our doors to tithing because we also believe in the rationale behind it. 🙂

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  1. We are more on giving money to the church, yun nga lang tuwing nagsisimba lang and its not much. I’ve stopped giving money to beggars especially those young kids. As such a young age, namamalimos na sila. They should have parents na dapat nag aalaga sa kanila. Mas nagagawa ko pa before yung pagvovolunteer to help. We don’t do Tithing too because we are not financially stable yet. Though, my partner and I helped his relatives a lot in terms of money because they somehow take care of our twins when I am not around or when I am at work. So I think I can say nakakatulong din kami sa kapwa namin kahit papano. 🙂


    1. Dyan ako wala masyado, sa volunteer work. Busy busyhan kasi kami. Haha. Yes sis, sarap sa pakiramdam pag nakakatulong sa kapwa, diba? 🙂

  2. My husband and I don’t practice strict tithing, but we make sure that we give back is proportional to our income naman. Parang it’s not acceptable for me to give PHP20 to church every Sunday, the same amount that I was giving when I was still a student! Hahaha. I’m also a World Vision sponsor. I started with one kid. When I felt like my income was improving, I added another kid. Now, I convinced my husband to sponsor one, too. 🙂


    1. Haha, tama sis. Nakakahiya na ang P20 ngayong may work na tayo. Dati rin P20 lang din ang bigay ko eh, maski working student ako noon kasi naman sakto lang talaga sa mga gastusin ko sa school. Oo nakita ko nga dati sa IG mo yung letter ng ini-isponsor mo sayo. I remember when I was in elementary, I was one of the kids who had foreign benefactors thru an organization called Abot Kamay and we would write letters to them, too. I should do that sponsor thing also. Time to pay it forward. Ayusin ko muna budget namin. Hehe. 😉

  3. It was that way in the Old Testament.. But come New Testament, 10% is not the rule, instead, God wants us to cheerfully give whatever amount our heart desires.

  4. I always believe that it’s not on the amount that you can give, but the amount that your heart is willing to give. If you give a big amount of money pero deep inside naman eh hindi ka willing, napilitan or you are asking for something in return.. then generosity goes out of the story..

    I also believe that generosity does not necessarily come in monetary amount. There are other ways to express generosity. 🙂

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