Weekend Story: Two Birthday Parties, One Long Lunch, and My BookSale Haul

Getting to Bacoor on a Friday night has been our routine the past weekends. The hubby and I are enjoying his break at graduate school while it lasts. Last weekend was no exception. We left Manila at past 8PM (to avoid traffic) and reached Bacoor in less than an hour.

It was great to see our home again despite the massive amount of dust covering our tiny balcony. I heard it came from the ongoing construction at the new village next to ours. No biggie as it was something the hubby wouldn’t mind cleaning up the next day.

Our Saturday was spent attending two birthday parties. The first one, held in the afternoon at Jollibee-Robinsons Place Imus, was for the first birthday of the hubby’s godchild Avisha.

Ninong Edwin with Baby Avisha

our souvenir pic

The second was for the 60th birthday of the hubby’s officemate Ate Winnie (she’s the one sitting on the chair in the photo below). It was a catered dinner at their home which happened to be just a few kilometers from our place.


On Sunday, while taking a bath to get ready for church, I accidentally broke the faucet. It was one of my “tanga” moments. ‘Wag nyo na ipakuwento sa akin ang nangyari, please lang. Haha. Good thing the hubby knew how to fix it and we had some spare faucets and gaskets at home.

The hubby got irritated a bit because of the extra work he had to do that morning. (He was very much ready to go to church and was just waiting for me to finish). Perhaps, to somehow get even with me, he thought about asking for a reward. He remembered my promise that I’d take him to Sambokojin (we haven’t eaten there yet and they have a branch at SM Southmall) one day and he demanded that we do it on that day. I knew at that point I was on the losing side so I caved in.

We went to Sambokojin right after going to church. We were at no. 20 in the waiting list. We just circled the mall once to kill time. I suddenly thought about BookSale (most, if not all SM malls has one) and dragged the hubby there. I liked how this BookSale branch had a lot of P20 and P10 soft bounds. I found seven interesting books and paid for them at the cashier. Best P100 I’ve ever spent!

my BookSale haul

I can’t wait to read all these books especially Money (a memoir) and Dieting Sucks (a self-help book).

We had a long lunch at Sambokojin. We took our sweet time eating. There was so much to try, after all. Between Yakimix and Sambokojin, I still prefer the former, though. Why? Because IMO, Yakimix is cheaper but has better food selection (quality and quantity wise). I also found out that the drinks at Sambokojin are not included in the buffet price unlike at Yakimix where you are allowed to drink soda, iced tea and juice as much as you want.


One thing I liked about Sambokojin was that they have my fave matcha ice cream:


We went back to Manila by Sunday evening. It was an impromptu decision which proved to be a good one. The hubby was able to prepare his things (for work the next day) and update some mobile apps while I had enough time to finish folding our newly-laundered clothes and reading several pages from my book before calling it a day.

How was your weekend, friends? I hope you had a wonderful one! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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7 Replies to “Weekend Story: Two Birthday Parties, One Long Lunch, and My BookSale Haul”

  1. I have not tried those 2 restos yet. Feeling ko kasi mostly mga japanese food sila eh hindi ako masyadong fan. Sobrang picky eater ko kasi talaga. How much ba ang prices so we could try next time? =)

  2. May Sambokojin din sa Eastwood and I haven’t tried it yet. Si partner ko kasi hindi mahiig sa buffet and ang lungkot naman kung mag isa lang ako mag eat all you can. There is also Yakimix near our area, sana matry ko na din I’ve been begging him na samahan ako napakakj kasi ng jowa ko He He He.

  3. Baligtad tayo, sis. Mas natuwa kami sa Sambo Kojin kesa Yakimix. You’re right, Yakimix has more choices pero mas nasarapan kami sa Sambo Kojin. Taste is subjective talaga. 🙂 Kung hindi niyo pa natry, try nyo ang Tong Yang. Meron sa RP. More on shabu-shabu and BBQ nga lang so kaunti ang mga lutong ulam. Pero kasama na unlimited drinks. If I’m not mistaken, pati beer! Kaya favorite dun ng Papa ko! :p

    1. Naalala ko pala, masarap yung mga sauces nila (Ponzu at Sambokojin)! Tingin ko kasi mas after ako doon sa mga lutong food kesa sa raw kaya mas panalo sa akin ang Yakimix. Oo nga, di pa kami naka-try ng Tong Yang! 🙂

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