Weekend Story: Work, Work, Work…

I had a work weekend while the hubby spent his doing the things he loves most — biking, getting online, doing the laundry, eating, and sleeping. I have no regrets, though, because work is work. It’s something you do because once upon a time, you signed your contract and committed yourself to it in exchange for money and career advancement. If your job happens to be something you love doing, then consider yourself lucky (I know I am!).


So, the hubby and I weren’t able to go home in Bacoor. I went to work on both days (Saturday and Sunday) as we had a big event we needed to be very prepared for. The event happened on Sunday morning at 10AM which was actually a gathering of the highest ranking officials in the country, members of the diplomatic corps, and people from the civil society to celebrate the 118th Philippine Independence Day. The event turned out to be a success.

a peek into the event as it was happening

Just like in most events of that level, there was an orchestra. There were no heavy metal music and heshers (it’s not appropriate for the occasion, of course) around, but the orchestra members looked dapper and sounded great and ended their sets well-appreciated by the guests.

While I was busy at work, the hubby went biking in MOA on Saturday and Sunday mornings with his officemate/biking buddy Giannie.

biking buddies

On their Sunday morning ride, they even went to Rizal Park to witness the flag-raising ceremony there but unfortunately missed it (na-late sila!). Haha. Here’s the photo of the Philippine flag the hubby took as a souvenir of their visit:

stand tall and be mighty proud because you’re a Filipino!

I spent the rest of my Sunday afternoon with family. We chatted and ate together. I was also able to join the hubby in biking around our ‘hood that night. It was the perfect way to end our weekend. Ang sarap pagpawisan, whew! 🙂

night biking

Happy Monday, peeps! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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14 Replies to “Weekend Story: Work, Work, Work…”

  1. Aside from Labor Day and Araw ng Kagitingan, the Phil Independence Day is my favorite government holiday. I used to go to Luneta pa dati to celebrate.

        1. Lumalabas ba ang pagka-makabayan mo? I can imagine. Ako may kasama pang goosebumps pag nakakarinig ng mga kantang pangbayan, OA diba. 🙂

  2. Hi Edel! We celebrated the Phil Independence Day just last night! 🙂 Nakakatuwa din to see Filipinos together enjoying the night and feasting on Pinoy dishes. Hope you’re having a nice week!

    1. Hello Jackie! Nakakatuwa naman talaga ang Pinoy communities natin kahit nasa ibang bansa, hindi nakakalimot. I’m sure you had fun eating Pinoy food! 🙂

  3. Never tried attending June 12 celebration hehe. But it looks like it’s something to experience at least once in our life hehe.

    Keri na OT paminsan-minsan. Basta well compensated at reasonable naman. Ang nakakainis is yung i-rerequire kang mag-OT pero kung tutuusin di naman kailangan since doabble naman during regular working hours. Not a personal experience but a friend’s. Naalala ko lang dahil sa OT topic hehehe.

    1. Korek, Mylene! Yung OT naman namin, offset credits ang kapalit. Keri na rin, kesa thank you lang, hehe. 🙂

    1. Go, Ochi! Haha. Seriously, you can do it! We also get to bike during weeknights. Ako naman katakawan ang problema ko. 🙁

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