Weekend Story: Hospital Staycation + Biking + Family Bonding

Last weekend took us by surprise. On Friday night, we had a “hospital staycation” because my FIL suddenly got sick. He had a vomiting episode and was having severe stomach cramps. My MIL accompanied him to the hospital to see his kidney doctor (he’s been taking meds for kidney stones because he’s been refusing to undergo surgery since 2013) for fear that the kidney stones themselves were the culprit. After asking my FIL some questions, the doctor ordered his admission to the hospital for further observation and just so he wouldn’t get dehydrated as he looked pale already.

My FIL got admitted to the hospital on Friday night and was discharged after 24 hours. Apparently, he just had a case of indigestion and his kidney stones didn’t have anything to do with it. Thank goodness for that! Haaay, buti na lang talaga kasi nagpa-panic na ang panganay nya (a.k.a. the hubby). I’d like to assume we all had a good night’s sleep on Saturday night after a short stay at the hospital.

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Weekend Story: Work, Work, Work…

I had a work weekend while the hubby spent his doing the things he loves most — biking, getting online, doing the laundry, eating, and sleeping. I have no regrets, though, because work is work. It’s something you do because once upon a time, you signed your contract and committed yourself to it in exchange for money and career advancement. If your job happens to be something you love doing, then consider yourself lucky (I know I am!).


So, the hubby and I weren’t able to go home in Bacoor. I went to work on both days (Saturday and Sunday) as we had a big event we needed to be very prepared for. The event happened on Sunday morning at 10AM which was actually a gathering of the highest ranking officials in the country, members of the diplomatic corps, and people from the civil society to celebrate the 118th Philippine Independence Day. The event turned out to be a success.

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Weekend Story: Biking with Friends + Carbohydrate Addiction

These days, the hubby and I get to bike on weekends and we truly enjoy this activity. Last weekend, for instance, we spent our Sunday biking in Bacoor and Las PiƱas with my two officemates and a couple of their friends. For this particular ride, we biked a total of 36.2 kms. This is our longest, so far. I can’t wait to break our personal record!

with the hubby and my two biker officemates
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My Form of Exercise

Losing weight is hard, getting fit and healthy is harder. But as they say, if there’s a will, there’s a way. Currently, I’m still 14 lbs. away to my ideal weight but I know I’ll get there soon. How soon? I don’t know. Haha.

I’ve been doing zumba with my officemates for several weeks now and so far, I’ve been enjoying it. I also want to do yoga (and get myself one of those sturdy yoga bolsters!) but I think I’m not yet prepared to do the various poses and I’m still lacking the discipline to do it on a regular basis.

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