Weekend Story: Charity Bike Ride for Him, Girl Bonding for Her

Last weekend was active and fun (for the hubby) and quiet and fun (for me). The hubby went to Makati on Saturday morning to finish an errand while I opted not to accompany him and just stay home to get more sleep. We drove to Bacoor on Saturday night with Mame and my sister Jodie.

So, the next morning, the hubby joined this bikers group for a charity ride to Tagaytay. He left early at past 5AM and returned home at past 7PM. He was out the entire day and came back exhausted but happy (I guess). I, on the other hand, had a girl bonding at home with two of my favorite girls in the world.

Here are photos from our weekend:

biker in Tagaytay
first time to bike from Bacoor to Tagaytay

cupcake bikers going to Tagaytay
members of Cupcake Bikers Philippines (this group is led by actor Gardo Versoza and friends)

cats eye speedometer
the hubby’s total ride distance

mini-bibingkas, anyone?

dragon fruit
Mame’s new fruit crush

lobster balls
lobster balls for merienda (pwede rin iulam!)

pandakaki plant
our pandakaki plants na muntik makalbo ang dahon…
ng mga
garden worms na ‘to:

garden worms

I removed these little critters one by one and put them away. They’ve victimized us before when upon arriving in our Bacoor home, we saw all of our pandakaki plants without leaves, as in nasaid talaga nila yung dahon. I was amazed and pissed at the same time. Haha. Not this time, though, because I caught them in the act.

Have a happy and productive week, friends!

May you choose happiness always,

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    1. Waaaah, Jackie, actually, nagchange ako ng webhost provider kaya medyo magulo pa tong blog ko. Thanks for dropping by and appreciating! 🙂

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