Crocheting with Edel: Short Chevron Crochet Cowl

Crocheting can be addicting! I think I’m hooked. I like that it makes my imagination go wild and encourages me to be think better when it comes to making my crochet look good. If only I had plenty of time to crochet…hmmmm. Anyway, because I still have several skeins of yarn, I thought of something to do with it. Reading crochet blogs gives me tons of ideas. But given my yarn supplies at the moment, I can only do a few projects.

One weeknight, I watched this tutorial on You Tube about making chevron/zigzag/ripple effect on crochet and decided to make a short chevron cowl using Gantsilyo Guru Selections’ (pantone) blue and ivory milk cotton yarn and a 3.75mm (US 5) hook. The result was more than I hoped for!

the yarns

start of chevron cowl
starting on the chevron effect

I love what rows of double crochet can do! The milk cotton yarns I used were also very ideal for this project with their soft yet sturdy characteristics. I am definitely buying more of them for my future projects.

I googled the usual cowl measurements and learned that the width of most was 9″. Of course, the length varies on the neck and upper chest of the person wearing it. I intentionally made mine 12″ wide because it’s just a short one and the extra width would provide extra volume for aesthetic purposes. As for the length, it’s 14″ which falls just right down my upper chest area.

wrong side

I joined both ends to make the cowl through a series of single crochets on the wrong side. I prefer it over the usual whipstitch for a cleaner and tighter look. I still don’t know other ways of joining ends so for now, that will do. Because I used two yarn colors, I weaved many ends on one side.

front of the cowl

Sorry I can’t make my own pattern yet but like I said, it’s just rows of double crochet applying the “peak and valley” technique for the chevron effect and joining both ends using single crochets. Also, as much as I wanna document every step or part of my project, I can’t. I always get carried away with what I do. Like for this project, before I knew it, I was already almost finished with the cowl. Thus, the lack of photos. Next time, I’ll be more mindful.

crochet chevron stitch
the cowl, when folded, looks like a long purse (it just gave me an idea to make a chevron purse also!)

Here’s yours truly modeling my new cowl (another labor of love!):

crochet chevron cowl

Oh diba, parang nasa ibang bansa na may winter lang, hahaha. The chevron pattern looks like stripes in the photo. In actual, you’ll notice the chevron pattern instantly on the sides and under.

As mentioned and pictured in my previous post, I wore it over a plain navy blue shirt when we went to Fort Santiago in Intramuros last New Year weekend. Sakto naman kasi malamig sa loob ng kotse at pa-dapithapon na rin kaya medyo mahangin na sa park.

I really enjoyed making this cowl. I hope to make more if I’d be given lots of free time this year. Haha. 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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