Weekend Story: Better Late Than Never

There are only two reasons whenever I get late in posting my weekend stories: either I got crazy busy at work or I got crazy lazy to write because my mind is preoccupied with other more important stuff. It’s a reality that I have to accept. I, however, have recently affirmed my commitment to never miss a weekend story because it’s my way of remembering things, people, and events. It’s also a great reminder of the good life I have. I may not be rich or famous but in my head, I’m my own special person. I’m my own celebrity, if you get my point, hahaha.

So yeah, this weekend story took a bit late to publish. But this time, it’s a different story. I wasn’t swamped with work nor too lazy to make a blog post. It’s just that I encountered some technical difficulties with the blog. Life in Manila suddenly went offline and thank you to two people (special shout out to my blogger friends Kriska and Je!) who both immediately informed me about it as soon as they noticed it. Before I knew it, I had to transfer to a new webhost to ensure this blog’s survival. I have yet to get my complete blog back-up from my old webhost so I’m just making do with my own saved blog back-up and contents from Google caches. I’m still making a lot of re-posting and tweaking here and there. It’s a long story for a different time. For now, let me tell you all about my happy weekend.

The hubby and I spent Saturday in Manila. I did some crocheting in the morning.

puff stitch crochet
starting on my star stitches

When afternoon came, we went to Baclaran (via LRT commute) because the hubby wanted to buy something from his fave gadget seller there (the one who both has online and physical shops). He got this Yi cam that’s like a CCTV (for our Bacoor home). This Yi fan boy even bought a Yi pen just because he think it’s cool to own one! My crazy techie. Haha.

yi cam
Yi CCTV Smart Camera

This camera does several amazing things. It has night vision, WiFi compatibility, and remote access. It rotates, it detects motion smartly, and it has a speaker where you could speak from a remote location and be heard by the people near the camera unit. Now we can check what’s happening in front of our house any time we want. For PHP2,100 (Global version), the hubby thought it was a good buy.

And since we were already in the area, we paid a visit to Baclaran Church as well.


Our Sunday turned out fine. In the morning, we went to Quiapo Church to attend the morning mass there and had a quick bite at the nearby McDo after.

quiapo church
this church is never without a huge crowd

mcdo breakfast with family

The hubby and I then met up with his thesis consultant in the afternoon because they had to test his prototype. We are crossing our fingers that he’ll graduate this March. It’s been a long journey for him and we can’t wait for everything to finish up. God help us!

We would then drive home to Bacoor after that just so the hubby could set up his new gadget at some spot in our tiny veranda. My in-laws joined us going there and right after making it work, we left the place and traveled back to Manila. We stopped by SM Manila to have dinner. My MIL missed Blackbeard Seafood Island’s Dapitan Pride so that’s what we ordered and it didn’t disappoint!

seafood island
because I want you to get hungry, hahaha

Oh, I also did some crocheting again when we got home until it was time to go to bed. I can’t wait to show you the things I created with the help of my hands and lots of crochet tutorial videos on YouTube!

Hope you’re having a great week so far, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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    1. Thank you, sis. Can’t think of a theme yet, default lang ata yan. Glad you like it! Iniisip ko nga pwede ko sya gamitin for good, hehe. 🙂

      1. Most of the time I surf from my phone. It looks clean and streamlined from here; must be a responsive theme.

        What’s your webhost and how much? I’m thinking of getting a personalized domain for me. Pero baka hindi den sulit kase tamad akong magblog. 😛

        1. Oo nga, sabi rin ni hubby kasi by phone din sya pag nagbabasa ng blog ko. My new webhost is CoffeeMags.com. $1 dollar a month sya. PHP576 binayaran ko for one year subscription. My cheapest find, so far. Kasi yung dati ko 1k per year. Mukhang okay naman sila, mabilis magrespond sa mga queries ko, hehe. 🙂

  1. You’re welcome! Yay! Glad to see your blog back, Edel. Lovely new look, ah!

    Nagutom din ako bigla sa boodle fight niyo. Favorite order din ng family namin yang Dapitan’s Pride! 😀

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