Crocheting with Edel: Multi-Purpose Crochet Rectangles

What to do with leftover yarns? Why not create something useful out of them by turning them into crochet rectangles? Crochet rectangles are multi-purpose (the bigger, the better) as they can be used as coasters, seat covers, dish cloths, and appliques. Or you could just put them on your side table or shelf as protective underlayer for the various kikay stuff you placed there on a regular basis. Isn’t that practical and dainty at the same time? I believe it is!

That’s why I decided that the leftover yarns from my chunky sweater and chevron cowl be used for this purpose.

5mm hook (US 8)
leftover Red Heart Soft yarn in Rose Blush
leftover Ganstilyo Guru Selections’ Milk Cotton Yarn in Ivory

This multi-purpose crochet rectangle in ivory is simply made up of puff stitches (ps). I learned how to make a puff stitch through this puff stitch tutorial. It’s up to you how big you want your crochet rectangle to be. As for me, I just did a guesstimate, haha. After all, you can always redo your work if the leftover yarn won’t be enough.

crochet puff stitches
partially completed

puff stitch crochet rectangle
finished product

crochet rectangle
actual use

Since my rose blush leftover yarn was very small in quantity, I just made a slim crochet rectangle out of it. I used double crochets (dc) for this one and it turned out okay.

scrap yarn
early stage

crochet rectangle 1
completed project

present use

Crochet rectangle designs need not be difficult. The designs I chose for my crochet rectangles were pretty easy and fast to make. I think I only spent less than three hours doing both.

As much as possible, I want to maximize my yarns and to prevent wastage at all costs. By coming up with crochet rectangles, I was able to realize these goals.

To crocheters out there, have you done any crochet rectangles recently? I wanna see your creations! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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