Weekend Story: Quiet Time in Bacoor and Planet Cable-Internet Subscription

It was just the hubby and me in Bacoor last weekend. We drove there on Friday night and went back to Manila on Sunday night, the longest we’ve stayed in a weekend in our marital home since the last few months. We just enjoyed each other’s company, and went out of the house only when we had to. Like when we heard the mass at the church near our village and bought some stuff at the mall on Sunday morning. The rest of the time was spent doing household chores, getting online, eating, and sleeping. Oh, we also had our Cignal cable subscription replaced with a different one (also with several HD channels) that came bundled with unlimited internet (3 Mbps) because the hubby wanted to and he agreed to pay half of its monthly fee (which is now higher at PHP1,575 because of the internet bundle). Super fine with me! Haha.

our new Planet cable-internet subscription means a transition from one digital box to two and a WiFi router!

last Sunday’s morning mass situation at Holy Trinity Parish

Enjoy the week while it lasts, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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3 Replies to “Weekend Story: Quiet Time in Bacoor and Planet Cable-Internet Subscription”

  1. Edel, hindi ako sanay na ang laid back ng weekend mo! Hihi. 🙂 But it’s really nice to have this kind of a break once in a while. Nakaka-refresh bago sumabak uli sa workweek.

      1. Wala kasing masyadong ganap, hehe. Maulan din sa Bacoor nugn time na yan, mas masarap matulog lang! 🙂

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