Weekend Story: Homebodies + Puregold’s Petron Fuel Discounts

The hubby and I braved the heavy traffic just so we could go home in Bacoor on Friday night. We wanted to stay longer for the weekend and it was the only way we could do so. We didn’t go out except for the time when we went to church and bought supplies from our new favorite supermarket — Puregold. I don’t know with you but we’ve compared prices and so far, Puregold gives the most bang for our buck. Plus, Puregold promos are aplenty all year round!

And because we’ve been a Petron customer for years now because of our car, we were glad to find out that one of the Puregold promos at present is giving fuel discounts through Petron as part of their 20th anniversary. It’s PHP3 off per liter of gasoline and PHP1 off per liter of diesel from May 16, 2018 to May 15, 2019 at participating Petron branches. You just have to show your Puregold Perks card or Puregold Tindahan ni Aling Puring’s card (for business owners) to the gas attendant to avail of the discounts. Not bad especially these days when fuel prices have been on the rise, right?

Here are a few photos from our weekend:

photo taken at Petron UN Avenue

Please note, though, that you won’t be able to add points to your BPI-Petron card (or other related cards, for that matter, if ever you have one) by availing this promo. It’s just one or the other. But still, okay pa rin kasi malaking tipid yun sa mga motorista! Puregold promos like this are sure to attract more loyal customers so keep it up, Puregold!

our new butter of choice is available at Puregold!

after the mass

And because I wanted to cut our dining-out/food delivery expenses or at least limit their frequency, I cooked most of our meals last weekend.

Saturday’s “cheesy” brunch (leek omelette with cheddar cheese, Frabelle’s cheese hotdogs, and Bounty Fresh’s torikatsu in cheese and chives)

quesadillas for merienda from the leek omelette and cheese hotdog leftover

yummy tuna steak and Chinese sausage/Baguio beans/carrots fried rice

Have a happy and stress-free week, friends! πŸ™‚

May you choose happiness always,

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8 Replies to “Weekend Story: Homebodies + Puregold’s Petron Fuel Discounts”

  1. Cheesy omelette is my favorite! Zayne recently discovered the cheese quesadilla from Army Navy. Naubos niya ‘yung order ko. 😐 I’ve been meaning to make one at home, but the brand of tortilla I see in the supermarket has a very short shelf life. πŸ™

    Buti ka pa alam mo na butter ang Queensland. Si Aubrey nung nakakita ng Queensland, ewan ko dun, akala niya yata floor wax. HAHAHA! :p

    1. Try mo yung Mission brand ng tortillas, sis, sa S&R ako nakakabili nun. 6 pcs. per pack ay nasa P120+. May whole wheat variety din sila. I freeze it kasi yun yung nabasa ko sa instructions, hehe.

      Ahahahaha, hawig kasi ng lagayan ng floor wax eh! Ako naman recently ko lang nalaman na may in can ang Queensland butter. πŸ™‚

  2. Puregold is cheaper kasi unlike other major groceries, mas konti ang temptations ng imported goods hahaha Napansin ko (at least dun sa branches na malapit sa aken) yung essentials lang talaga ang meron. Walang Ruffles, Lays and all those want want want stuff hahaha

    PS : Have you tried Landers?

    1. Haha, korek ka dyan sa less temptations, Diane! Pero napansin ko may mga ilang items na rin sila ngayon na makikita rin sa S&R, siguro dahil sister companies sila? Yes, I’ve been to Landers Otis a couple of times, nagpamember kasi si MIL dun nung bagong bukas sila last year. Meron din kakaopen na branch sa Daang Hari, di pa ako nakavisit dun, medyo curious nga ako baka mas maganda selection dun kasi malapit sa villages ng mayayaman, hahaha.

      If mahilig ka sa milk tea, try mo sa Landers yung Kirin milk tea (Japanese product, ready to drink), masarap at malinis ang lasa, yan binabalikan ko dun eh, hehe. πŸ™‚

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